VIDEO: Break & Enter


A local business owner released this memo on Facebook regarding a recent Break & Enter that she endured.

“This is how I see it. On March 30th at 5:04am you entered my building by kicking in the back door. Casually, you saunter through my file room. After that, you make your way into the hallway, glancing through my laundry room. It seems that either you didn’t see the stairs to where I normally sleep, or you deliberately made the very wise decision not to enter my living space; the very place that my devoted husband was resting before joining me for Easter weekend. And you don’t care, do you? Because you have other things to do.

After that, you enter my office and empty the contents of my safe on to my desk. You don’t take anything though. No, you have other things to see first. You enter the main office, where on any other normal day you’d find me, basking in the glow of my morning yoga, or maybe already at my desk starting the day. Is it a coincidence? Or did you know that I wouldn’t be there that day?

You look everywhere but up. Because if you looked up, maybe you’d realize that I can see you. Maybe you’d plan your day differently.

Instead, you search. Opening drawers, opening doors. You cover your hands, which indicates to me that your fingerprints are already on file, aren’t they? You crawl on your hands and knees, thinking no one can see what you are doing. I can see you though. I see you violate the space that many hold safe. I see you searching, forcing, entering. Still, you don’t take anything. At 5:07 – what is that look on your face? A grimace? Or are you actually smiling?

At 5:13am, you leave.

We go on with the day, unaware that you were there. Until, one of my children notices that the door is broken. In a rush, we repair the door and check the camera. And we see you. But, that wasn’t enough for you, was it?

No, it seems that you spent the day relaxing, planning, resting. You shower, and you shave. And then, you come back. Yes, there you are again. You look a bit different. You have different clothes, a cleanly shaven face, and a backpack.

This time, you are back for what you want to take with you. We can’t figure out how you got in…were you watching us? Did you see my husband repair the damage you made earlier that day? Did you watch him hide the key? Was what you took really that valuable?

At 7:25pm, in broad daylight, you walk into the office again and take what you want – an iPad. Presumably, you’ve spent the last 6 minutes cleaning out my offices, helping yourself to my electronics, money, and jewelry. You still don’t look up. You still don’t seem aware that I can see you. Once your backpack is full, you stop in the hallway again and put it on. Quietly and calmly, you leave.

We never realized you came back until last night. But now, we know. And we want our stuff back. We want you to say you are sorry, and that you will get better. We want you to never do this to anyone again.

I don’t know you, but I’m sure one day soon I will know who you are. In fact, I think my friends are going to watch this video of you, and they are going to help the police find you. Because I have people who love me, and who are going to be really, really upset that you did this to us.” – Nadia Kukkee-La Russa

Thunder Bay Police Service report #P18032869