@ VicVille: Booze, Babies and Burritos


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Our tipline was pounded with 4 videos and a brief description of what had unfolded at Victoriaville Mall earlier today. Below is the tip we received followed by the four videos.

“This was at Victoriaville around 3-3:30 pm. The kids were outside for about 40 minutes and as you can see they had a pack of revs and 3 mikey’s. They had no food or formula for the babies and they were most certainly not dressed right. They were so drunk they had troubles standing right without the strollers. We called Dilico and the cops. I’m pretty sure they are charging the girls and I hope they take those kids away or something, the girls also ran from us trying to get away from the police and Dilico so myself and my husband had to follow them so they could not flee.” – Anonymous Tipster


The four videos are below.












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  1. What a shame. These girls obviously have an alcohol problem they need help with. Unfortunately this is a problem that has plagued this area for decades and has largely been ignored; in fact I will wager that this woman’s parents acted the same way. This is a multi-racial epidemic that needs action to fix. Real leaders live among their people and you will never see any city or band councillor walk in this mall. Holding these parents accountable for their actions is a step forward sure, but what about the alcohol? The substance abuse in this area is so indisputably damaging that most of the businesses have shut down or relocated. This is so sad to watch, I hope the child doesn’t end up in a worse situation, ultimately growing up to be a part of the cycle caught on camera here.

  2. Thanks for all the info over the past while, BUT this I do not like, yes the information should be known BUT the FACE pictures.
    In my opinion PICS should have been scratched out everyone has made a mistake or some? there is possible problems for her to get a job to support her & family after this behaviour which could be have been a bad day or bad decisions? who know’s give respect first OR AT LEAST TRY>>>> GOING FORWARD I AM TRYING

  3. wow, those are some fine citizens, should not be allowed to breed…..
    dispicable behavior, you should not put ur kids in danger like that no matter what. these people digust me…

  4. Immature, disgusting, uneducated disaster. Anybody ever seeClockwork Orange? They should pin her eyes open and force her to watch these videos over and over and over again. We call the mixture of vodka and caffeine drinks ‘liquid crack’. That crap really messes one up. I hate to see anyone have their child taken away but this will be the case. Shameful ladies! Absolute shame.

  5. What a f*****g disgrace.

    That woman’s life is now completely destroyed because she wanted to day-drink rather than be a mother.

    She will no doubt lose those kids, plus have those parasites from Dilico in her life from now on.
    Perhaps it’s for the better though.

    1. It’s amazing how you idiots defend these girls, and in the other hand criticize the people that help them and pay YOU people monetarily.
      Tell you what, stop living off of my dime and get a job! Either that or shut your pie hole and be thankful for what you get in the first place!

  6. This is very sad. I feel for those babies, and I agree with an above poster the faces should have been scratched out or blurred. I hope these people get the help they need. Dilico will take the kids most likely, but maybe it’s needed so the parents can get on their feet again. And maybe eventually they will get their children back.

  7. Those poor, poor children of these shameless drunks are doomed.
    Dogs and cats will live better lives than these innocent kids if they’re left under the care of those women?. I doubt the parents will make it past their thirties before dying from alcohol and drug related diseases.
    Generation after generation of burning the candle at both ends will ensure this social disaster never ends. Govt and First Nation leadership are either too weak to do something about it, or simply don’t give a shit.

    This problem isn’t just with natives either. There’s plenty of white trash doing the same. We just don’t see it out in the open as much.

  8. Sad thing is that putting the kids in foster care isn’t always a recipe for a happy ending. I’ve heard first hand accounts of children abused and neglected while in foster care. Heartbreaking!!! If only people could use better judgment when it comes to life decisions. If you can’t care for yourself, don’t bring anymore lives into the world. If you want to occasionally cut loose, find some to watch your kids because they don’t need to see you shit faced. Break the cycle.

  9. I’m not surprised that so many people are so upset with this. This type of behavior happens every day somewhere in Thunder Bay. The question is, how do we (and “we” means ALL of us) change this for the better? ……..I wish I knew the answer.

    1. @ Dennis Poulin – CBC is subsidised by the LiEberal Government and will NOT post videos like this because it does not promote their agenda.

  10. There’s a little baby snowsuit on a snowbank near my apartment about a block and a half from here. Hoping it’s not theirs 🙁

  11. Omg…drunking mothers pushing their precious babies probably in total blackout mode…Wow only in Thunder Bay..
    Well hope they get the help they need. 💔

  12. People need to mind their own buisness. Calling the athorities is not allways the answer. Why not have a number set up for all the public to call to someone on the rez deticated to reaching out and providing help rather then taking her children. There are solutions and answers and taking away a mothers kids is never the answer. Walk in someones shoes before you judge anyone. We must have more in place to help our youth. We all have made misstakes just some are never caught. Help a person in need is better then making calls and causing more problems. If you dont choose to help a problem then leave it alone its not your buisness.

    1. Give your head a shake! The safety of innocent children is EVERYONE’s responsibility. Child endangerment IS a crime, and if witnessed, NEEDS to be reported to the authorities, no question.

      These kids need to be removed from that dangerous situation ASAP before something tragic happens.

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