UPDATE: Reported Abduction, Victim Located Safely


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Thunder Bay Police Service officers with the Uniform Patrol Branch were dispatched to an address in the 600 block of Syndicate Avenue South following an abandoned 911 call just after 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, Dec. 8.

The original call, before being abandoned, had made reference to a female being taken.


Officers located the original complainants – a male and female – shortly after arriving to the South Syndicate address. Police confirmed the report was for the abduction of a 25-year-old woman.

As police attempted to investigate, one of the complainants told responding officers that they would look for the woman themselves and that police assistance was not needed. Officers continued to investigate the circumstances surrounding the woman’s disappearance despite this request.

Officers interviewed multiple people who were in the area at the time of the suspected abduction.


After these interviews, officers returned to the original complainants in an attempt to acquire more information about the abduction.

This interaction was recorded and live broadcasted on social media by the female complainant. Officers remained professional and focused on locating the victim of a suspected abduction.

This followed the complainants again requesting police discontinue their search efforts. However, the male complainant did eventually become cooperative and offered police information about the abduction.

Officers conducted additional interviews with people in the area, and checked several vehicles that matched the description provided by the male complainant.

The investigation became a major case and led to the involvement of investigators from the service’s Major Crimes Unit. Further investigation led police to locate a possible address the victim was staying at.

Police were able to speak with the victim and confirmed she was safe and at the address of her own free will.

Through the course of their investigation, officers learned the victim had left the South Syndicate address by choice. She later met with a friend and spent the night at that friend’s residence.

The Thunder Bay Police Service takes all reported abductions seriously and will not discontinue an investigation until the victim is safely located. Further investigation may also be necessary after the victim is located.

If you are concerned for someone’s well being and suspect they may be the victim of abduction please call 911.

It is important and crucial to report and share claims of abductions or missing persons immediately and within a timely manner. Although this is the second false abduction report this year, keep in mind that there have been hundreds of ‘missing persons’ reports and a large number of attempted abduction attempts that were legitimate. Don’t let the few bad apples put the legitimate people in danger because of doubt whether it’s real or not. That is our position on missing person reports and abduction allegations.


Source: TBPS


4 Replies to “UPDATE: Reported Abduction, Victim Located Safely”

  1. I thought it was a phoney baloney tale right from the getgo. These idiots should be charged with public mischief. No one was abducted at all. No sense to try and make them pay for their prank cause it will just fall back on the taxpayers anyways. The trash that the cops have to put up with every shift makes me wonder how do they cope with this never ending shit and why they are not all off on stress leave.

  2. What do you say. Wow. Everyone knew this was B.S. and our poor officers have to waste their time and take the abuse of some obviously drunk individuals. What a joke. Any charges being laid for this waste of tax payers money??

  3. So the woman went to her friends for the night because her boyfriend was drunk outta his mind – which was witnessed from his posted videos.

    The woman probably left that drunk for good reason – her own safety.
    Dude was mad she left and got the city all worked up from his false accusations.

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