UPDATE: Missing Woman Located Safely


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Earlier this morning a missing woman who was alleged to have been abducted near the CP Rail station has been located safely.

She is reportedly at home and speaking to police about the incident.


The family would like to thank the public for their assistance.

An investigation is continuing as police have not released any information yet. The family says they cannot speak to the matter any further.

A worker that was on location has reached out to us and added some additional information to this report. They tell us that the family had entered private property and ignored requests to leave. they were going through company vehicles and when they found nothing, proceeded to the train tracks where train traffic was disrupted.


Train traffic was disrupted when the family approached conductors and interfered with their duties to direct trains.

Further, the worker said that the incident did not take place at the CP Rail station.

At one point, a male was punching the window of a company vehicle with his fists and saying “I can hear you, I’m getting you out” repeatedly. Once the truck was opened for him, he he appeared mind-blown that the woman was not in the truck.

Workers on location had told the man as well as police that no woman had been there at all and he was asked to leave. The videos are said to be recorded during the man’s second trip to the train station.

Numerous videos were posted to Facebook this morning and we have obtained those. They are in the video in the article below.

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4 Replies to “UPDATE: Missing Woman Located Safely”

  1. What a joke. Hopefully the cops release the whole true story. They should all be charged with B.S. and thrown in the slammer. Sounds like a drunken party gone wrong and some stupid story to cover her ass. 7 guys in a pickup from the railroad. Hahahaha what a joke!!!!

    1. I suspected it was nothing but bullshit from the very first minute I read the first article. It was absolutely preposterous.

      The ass-hats that made the ridiculous claims and videos were doing nothing but stirring shit.

      They were drunk, on private property, car hopping and looking for trouble.

      I suspect the “abducted” woman had a piss fight with “baby daddy” and took off to party elsewhere. Mean while the asshole fabricated this “abduction” story.

      Hope he’s charged accordingly. However, if no one officially lodged a complaint, there may not be grounds for charges. And if they are charged, some limp dick JP or judge will just let them walk.

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