UPDATE: Fatal Collision Keeps Highway 11/17 Closed


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Last night, shortly after 11:00 pm, officers with the Thunder Bay detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police, firefighters with the Kaministiquia Fire Department and paramedics with Superior North EMS responded to a serious collision near the intersection of Highway 12/Dawson Road and Highway 11/17.

Upon arrival, it was noted that two tractor-trailer units had collided head-on. Preliminary investigation revealed that one of the tractor-trailers had crossed the yellow centre line of the highway, and struck the oncoming tractor-trailer unit head-on.


Both vehicles were seriously mangled. The driver and passenger of the eastbound CMV as well as the driver of the westbound CMV were pronounced deceased at the scene.

Identification of the deceased is being withheld pending next of kin notification.

A serious fire developed and firefighters managed to put the fire out. Although, we are hearing that the fire may have started back up late this morning, resulting in firefighters needing to return to the scene.


Police have not set an estimated time that the highway would reopen.

Northern Ontario highways are rarely divided at all, and often only have a strip of paint separating traffic that is travelling in opposite directions.


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  1. Sympathy to the families that lost their family members. as a result of this accident. They call the Coq in BC the Highway thru Hell but this one should be labelled as Suicide Alley because it is insanely dangerous to drive at any given time. . Between those poorly trained and inexperienced drivers and the fact most of it is just a one lane up and down cattle trail and then throw in weather conditions and poor highway maintenace, you have the perfect storm. There are some very decent and responsible transport drivers out there too but unfortunatley there also some of them who put profit over safety and totally disregard rules of the road and common sense. And that mindlessness is often lethal.

    1. Back in the 70 or early 80’s, Reader’s Digest did an article of the most dangerous sections of highway in Canada.
      The Trans Canada highway around Vermilion Bay was listed.
      In 2009 it was announced that the Trans Canada was going o twinned from Vermilion Bay to the Manitoba border.
      The project was scrubbed.
      In December of 2018, almost a decade later, the project is on again and seeking public input.
      I haven’t traveled that area in many years.
      Can anyone tell me if anything is happening with the twinning of the highway.

  2. Ridiculous that they still sent school buses of children on that route this am. My sons bus had to wait in traffic at sistonens corner to be let through on the way to kakabeka. Yesterday the highways were snow covered and lines were not visible, so it is understandable how an accident like this could happen, however if you can’t see the lines you shouldn’t be driving fast enough to cause a mangled mess.

  3. The problem here is that almost every time this happens it is the fault of an East Indian driver from Brampton or Mississauga. Ask anyone in the trucking industry and they will tell you the same. The Humboldt tragedy started to bring this issue to light, but the media has to say “inexperienced” drivers and not mention nationality to be politically correct. The true root of the problem is drivers from India who suck at driving, plain and simple. I saw a truck in the ditch on December 23 right at the time zone change; good weather, slight turn in the road. Two drivers with turbans standing there looking stupid as the tow truck was at work.

    1. All I know is EVERY SINGLE TIME I see one of those guys driving they ALWAYS have their F’ing phone in their hand!! I saw one yesterday (Friday January 10/20) driving south on 11/17 making a left into the Harbour View Expressway (turning east) with phone CLEARLY in hand WHILE turning and blowing the RED light!! I’m surprised the truck didn’t tip over for how fast he took that corner…I saw his face and not a care in the world!!

    2. Unfortunately our federal government is part of this issue. Immigration Canada is telling them if they become transport drivers they will receive their permanent residence faster. Then they are sent out with little experience driving and some have never seen snow. This is an issue that needs to be corrected. New drivers should have to apprentice like in other professions. I am a driver with 25 years experience.

    3. It is unconscionable that no changes have been made concerning the driver training and more stricter rules for transport drivers since Humbolt. Inexperience plus greed plus lack of empathy for other drivers has proven to be a lethal combination everytime and yet that is exactly what is on the roads with certain truck drivers. Not all of them, but far far too many. Just wait if those morons on city council ever get their own way and remove the transports from Hwy 102 You can bet your last nickel there are gong to be fatalities galore along the intersections of the triple R ( Russian Roulette Run) aka Thunder Bay expressway because you can barely stop a one ton truck fast enough when you are clipping along at 90 clicks and bingo, the red light hits you, never mind a 60 K ton 18 wheeler. .

  4. Some family members were returning to Marathon from Thunder Bay. They met a transport bearing down on them as it was coming around a corner in the their lane. The transport was passing another at the time. Fortunately the family member driving was able to get over onto the shoulder and he said the semi missed hitting his drivers sidemirror by mere inches. The truck driver did not stop but the one being passed did stop to see if everyone was okay. This careless driving could have taken 3 innocent lives, Most semi drivers are professional and drive safely. They say they are more worried about being killed by another trucker than any other motorist. It is hard to fix stupid when some drivers just don’t give a crap about others

  5. I sure hope the driver was reported and pics were taken..cant say enuf for dash cams they dont lie!!..Enuf is Enuf some of these truckers should NOT be driving!!!

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