Two Victoriaville Patrons Sent to Emergency Department


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Yet another round of public intoxication has resulted in rides to the local emergency department.

Security officers at the Victoriaville Mall located a number of drunken people.


It’s unclear just by observing what lead up to the situation, but what was clear is that two people were drunk to the point they could not walk, as first responders were carrying them onto the stretcher.

Paramedics with Superior North EMS responded with two ambulances and transported the two drunken patrons to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centres emergency department where they will be monitored while they sober up.

Sources indicate that people being sent to the emergency room for being drunk is quite possibly the most frequent call that paramedics respond to in Thunder Bay, far surpassing overdoses.


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14 Replies to “Two Victoriaville Patrons Sent to Emergency Department”

  1. Lowlife wino piss tank losers putting unnecessary strain on our EMS. Throw them out in the cold to sober up or find a hole to crawl into to keep from freezing.

  2. Another waste of our precious first responders time. Leave em out to freeze. Feel sorry for the B.S. they have to put up with

  3. As long as these bums are coddled and fussed over they will continue their selfish inapropriate behaviors. Time to stop wasting the resources on these habitual bums and let them own their behavior. Either that or start to charge them for the services. It either comes off their welfare cheque or from whoever is funding them. This abuse of services must stop.

  4. @ sandieh. if i need an ambulance i get a bill in the mail which i am required to pay. the drunks need an ambulance and i and all other taxpayers have to foot their bill. so not their ems unless they start paying like the rest of us.

  5. They are Turing the hospital into a sober up in the warm Center. It is taking up beds that could be used for actual sick people. ‘‘Tis is a waste of hospital space

  6. I can remember back in the day, people that were intoxicated were put in the back of a paddy wagon and taken to jail to sober up !
    As well as charged with being intoxicated in a public place !
    Times sure have changed !!!!

    1. Ms.Mack – The jails are full (overflowing even) with more serious cases.
      The courts are also overflowing.
      We should probably be chipping in for a new jail, instead of an art gallery that how many people will visit ?
      (oh ya, the tour buses from out of town will be lined up around the block.. ya, we heard that one before..)

    1. Marge:

      That was a really, really dumb thing to say….

      “these parasits could be your mom or dad.”

      Highly unlikely. We usually know who our parents are. Both of them.

  7. Maybe rededicate Victorville mall to a ?holding tank staffed with support people…….Have small living areas….patrons will be charged with as appropriate charges plus ems costs

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