Two Murder Suspects Arrested


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Yet another homicide investigation has netted charges in the Thunder Bay area. Police say they have two males in custody regarding the 2014 death of William Wapoose(Pictured).

One of the men arrested was a youth at the time of the murder, and thus will likely be protected by the Youth Criminal Justice Act, and might not be named in tomorrow’s publication.


Police have charged both men with first-degree murder and one of the men with uttering threats to kill.

Around 7:30am on September 3rd, 2014, William Wapoose’s body was discovered by a citizen that was walking the bike path near the south end of Chapples Park. It was obvious that foul play was involved.

Police say that they have been interviewing numerous people since the death of Wapoose almost 5 years ago.


The investigators hard work and unwillingness to brush the case aside contributed to the arrests made today.

Police had a $50,000 reward offered for any information regarding this incident.

We will have more information tomorrow after bail court.


3 Replies to “Two Murder Suspects Arrested”

  1. To take another’s life is bad and those people responsible should not see the light of day ever again.

  2. But yet they will be released on parole and returned to society like the rest of Canadien citizen that are in the justice system.

    This isn’t the movies where their is punishment, its where people go to get correted and then released. Thats why they call it Corrections Canada.

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