Bear/pepper spray, a brawl and a knife at Newfie’s


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A serious incident unfolded overnight at Newfie’s that is alleged to have caused the bar to at least partially cleared. A knife was pulled out during a brawl later on allegedly.


The first incident is told by to us by multiple sources that allegedly two males on the dance floor were engaged in an altercation when one of them pulled out either pepper or bear mace and discharged it inside the notorious south side pub.


It was reported to us that the bar was then being cleared by security personnel when about 3 people were trying to leave with alcoholic beverages in their hand. Many clients of the Newfies Pub were seen coughing from the after effects of the spray.

That’s when a second incident took place when the same patrons tried to smuggle alcohol out of the pub and started a brawl with security staff.

One of the patrons is alleged to have pulled out a knife, wielding it in a drunken, aggressive fashion. This happened in the doorway of the entrance to the Pub.


Thunder Bay Police Service officers happened to be patrolling right outside of the pub as this incident was unfolding. Officers responded and assisted the security staff, ultimately taking one male into custody.

Multiple people were treated for exposure to the bear/pepper spray. No one was injured by the knife.

The suspect that discharged the bear/pepper spray was not apprehended and escaped on foot.

The area around Newfie’s Pub has been the location for numerous incidents this year, including stabbings and a shooting.

Pauly D Esquega (pictured) has been identified by numerous witnesses as a possible suspect that may have discharged the Bear/pepper spray.

Arthritis appears to be a prominent issue amongst some criminals.

We will have a name for the arrested individual shortly, and will update this article with more information as it becomes available.


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  1. Off topic:
    I like that image for this article.
    Dude looks like he’s patiently waiting outside for it to open up.

    First in line, gets top pick for bar stool.

    1. The hot pepper ingredient is commonly used in most ointments or topical medication used for arthritis. It delivers a heat sensation. It’s a bit of a sassy comment. But funny if you know what capsaisin is.

  2. The pepper ingredient used in the pepper spray is used in a lot of arthritis ointments. The heat soothes the aches.

  3. jesus, newfies again!! heres an idea, just give them all a knife and say the winner gets a free beer, let the shitheads sort out our issues for us, bet there would be alot less crime in the area after this!!

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