TRAGEDY: Three-Year-Old Gets Run Over in Northwood


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Our newsroom, as always, is blowing up with tips about numerous incidents happening in Thunder Bay this evening on Valentine’s Day.

One incident, the most concerning, is regarding a south side incident that results in a toddler, possibly about three years old, getting run over.


People in the parking lot of the Dollarama located in Northwood have told us that a three-year-old male toddler was run over not long ago.

Responding to the situation in record time were officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service and paramedics with Superior North EMS.

Witnesses on the scene say that the toddler was picked up by the responding ambulance and rushed to the emergency department of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.


The condition of the boy was not able to be confirmed at the time of this article being published. This is a developing story and we will follow up once more information is available.

TRCC News would like to remind the motoring public to be extra attentive when driving and to never drive distracted.


25 Replies to “TRAGEDY: Three-Year-Old Gets Run Over in Northwood”

  1. well people drive fast around this area without even paying attention who’s walking to the local stores here on northwood plaza i live right across where the incident happen and lots of crazy drivers go around that area even joy riding during day or night on the parking lot area. sad news especially knowing it’s a child.

    1. I agree..have you just watched and observed people’s bad driving ,I have and it’s rediculous the way people speed around in parking lots too.

    2. That is true, however we do not know if that is true about this situation.
      Imagine if that is not the case and yet people are prone to believe what they hear or read, so it’s important to know the facts before we share our opinions.
      Opinions are not truths. They cause damage.

    3. I agree that people drive like morons in this parking lot but I also see a lot of child neglect happening as well. I went to this Dollarama on Thursday and laying and rolling around on the sidewalk right outside the door was a young child (around 4 years old) alone. I won’t leave my 9 year old alone, why would someone leave their 4 year old alone outside of a store…not to mention the -40 weather.

  2. Thunder bay drivers. Too fast in parking lots and just plain stupid on the roads. People race through the parking lot to skip the lights at redwood and Edward…and to get to the Tim Hortons at the other end of the parking lot.

    1. Tbay drivers are no different than anywhere else. Maybe u need to actually to some real travelling and see the country man. Tbay is no different than any other place tho u uneducated hicks like to think it is because u r a racist town.

    2. Thunder Bay has the worst drivers in ontario….this does not surprise me.. about this child being run over ..everyone is in a hurry…or on their cell phones….i was almost run down twice walking my friend’s dog. this winter …….because the driver was on their phone and distracted and didnt see me……..
      its pretty sad when you go out for a nice walk and you fear for your life…….
      i hope that child recovers quickly.

  3. Why is the driver being blamed? What if it was the fault of the incompetent parent letting their child run free will without keeping an eye on them. If the parent was watching their child, or doing the smart thing of holding their child’s hand in a very busy parking lot, I’m sure an adult in this situation also would of gotten hurt. Even a good driver would have trouble stopping fast enough here.

  4. There are some real maniacs behind the wheel in this town for sure. The cops just recently caught one of them doing over 140 in a 50 in a residential area. There are way too many more that do not get caught. In almost every mall parking lot they race like they are in Daytona. They wont be so hot when they hit someone. Far far too many spolied, ignorant morons with a sense of entitlement behind the wheel who run thru red lights, cut off other people by switching over a couple lanes at the very last second, non use of signals, driving aggressively in school zones, the list goes on and on. These morons wouldnt survive 20 minutes on the road in a city like Vancouver or Calgary. Recently was in Calgary and I noticed drivers stopping as I approached the crosswalk at a mall. My friend informed me there is a major penalty if you get caught if you do not stop to allow a pedestrian to cross a walkway or at an intersection when the pedestrian is allowed to cross. That should be the same here.

  5. What’s a toddler doing walking around in a god damned parking lot FFS?

    I hope the poor kid wasn’t severely injured.

    Whoever was responsible for this child needs to be strictly interviewed by the police.

  6. I was there tonight and commented on how that parking lot needed more lighting. It was really hard to see pedestrians that were running behind parked cars. This was an accident waiting to happen. So sorry for the child and parents. I hope he pulls through.🙏🏼

  7. It continues to raise question as to why a low speed limit isn’t posted at entrances of ALL parking lots across the province? And more speed bumps in front of store entrances to encourage slower driving.

  8. Where the hell were his parents like jesus christ people should have to get a mental stability test before aloud to have children. Smh

  9. That’s like that everywhere in this town. In a rush to get to no where. I was wondering when and where this was going to happen. I pray to God for this little human being is okay. And I hope they got the person who ran him over.

  10. Stupid drivers yes. But the parents need to be responsible,holding the kids hands crossing the parking lot.
    I’ve seen both kids AND adults bolt across the parking lot across from Dollarama.
    The Northwood parking lot needs more cameras. You can see 1 or 2,but not enough.

  11. First of all I am very sorry to the family. I’m also sorry to the driver. I prayed to Jesus when I heard to take care of the little one. It’s no time to blame anyone like parents should have been more careful or stupid drivers drive too fast. Let’s just keep good thoughts and prayers for the little boy.

  12. So sad, I was actually very concern about the Thunder Bay mall for this since they purposely forced all the parking lot traffic to drive in front of all of the stores now instead of being able to drive to the exit away from the store front. It’s a dangerously poor design.

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