Today We Remember Private Robert Costall


Canada’s engagement in Afghanistan was our country’s most significant military operation in recent years.

More than 40,000 Canadian Armed Forces members would serve in the Afghanistan theatre of operations between 2001 and 2014.


22-year-old Private Robert Howard Costall of Ontario died March 29, 2006, in a friendly fire incident during a fierce battle against Taliban forces in Helmand Province. The Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry soldier was 22 years old. He received the Sacrifice Medal.

Private Robert Costell was born in the city of Thunder Bay on September 27th, 1983. His parents are Bonnie and Chrissandra Costall. He was also a father to one child, Colin.

Memorial – Memorial - Waverley Park, Thunder Bay, ON - May 2018 … photo courtesy of Marg Liessens

Private Robert Costell was buried in the Cedar Valley Memorial Gardens located in Nanaimo, British Columbia.


Thank you for your service and your sacrifice Pte. Costall.

Personal sketch of fallen comrade

Photos: Department of National Defence and Veterans Affairs Canada

Source: Veterans Affairs Canada and Canada Remembers


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  1. A life lost in a war that was never ours to fight. Very sad. In a perfect world the young people will wake up and realise the military has nothing to offer an individual. That the sense of adventure is a lie. That their employer sees them as expendable and the only mention or memory people will hear of is a short news clip. Thank you for bringing this boy up so he is not forgetting.

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