Tire Heist Leaves Citizen Frustrated


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Last night, at least one criminal was up to no good in the May Street area. Rims with tires were stolen from the spot they were left for someone to pick them up.

A young man had sold the rims and left them outside for the purchaser to come to pick up. When the purchaser arrived, they were nowhere to be found.


The tires were left on private property and for only a few hours. All parties involved are extremely frustrated.

The tires are described as having a unique 6 bolt pattern with a grey finish and alloy material. The rims are currently equipped with winter tires.

Take this as a reminder to “Lock it or Lose it” as the OPP constantly says about leaving your stuff outside. Thunder Bay is in the grips of substantial drug addiction issues which drive this sort of theft.


Anyone who has any information regarding the whereabouts of these tires is asked to contact the previous owner directly at 355-7875. His name is Devlin.


3 Replies to “Tire Heist Leaves Citizen Frustrated”

  1. Sorry for his loss but I can’t help but wonder how naive this person is?

    This isn’t the Thunder Bay of the 1980s. It’s crawling with murderers, violent gangs, druggers, winos, thieves, shoplifters and beggars. Nothing is safe in this city anymore. He’s lucky nobody got knifed in the process.

    An expensive lesson to learn.

  2. This almost has the undertones of one of the parties involved knowing what really happened.
    Never send or give someone you don’t know off kijiji money for an item, before receiving it.

    You gotta think, people ain’t just driving around in pick up trucks looking for loose rims.
    So something like this takes a little planning.
    Hopefully the dude selling the rims gives back any money they received.

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