(THUNDER BAY, ONT) – Picture this, it was a Saturday evening, and you decide it would be nice to go grab a Starbucks and be a well-behaved REAL Concerned Citizen when they noticed something was off.

“It was last night about 8:30. (I) was going to Starbucks for coffee..noticed a big crowd on the corner….drinking….they were loud and swearing at ppl…..we sat and watched…buddy was mad cause his friend was drinking their booze and not panhandling….” Our anonymous witness says.


This story is broken into 3 videos, here is the first:




“So he was cursing and threw a table at Starbucks….then they left there walked around the corner and met up with another gang” Our source tells us.

“They all headed towards the Canadian Tire Garden Centre….2 girls got into it….one punched the other in the face…she was bleeding….then the brawl happened in front of Starbucks…. I could not video the fight with the 2 chicks because I was driving closer to the action.”



“It was brutal….then after the cops broke up the fight I went to superstore …then went home….one of the staff at superstore told me the cops was there cause 7 of the ones from the fight was stealing booze and hairspray at the store….cops there also”

Please leave suggestions in the comments on how to mitigate the behaviour that’s apparently running rampant around the Thunder Centre.



  1. nishnabe’ again im nishnawbe’ from Aroland First Nation i’m up here to put my 12 yr old boy to hockey . I left my comunity to give my boy a shot at it and this is what i see almost everyday here it quite sad to see this wish ther was an alternative to stop seeing this

    1. Jeffrey I’m from FWFN and tired of seeing this too and having it affect how people treat me and other Anishinabe. I’ve gone to get a coffee at Starbucks and had these drunk people scream at me. I’ve seen fights, urinating defecating and inappropriate sexual conduct outside in this area. It is mortifying! Something has to be done about the homelessness and addictions. I don’t remember seeing this kind of behaviour when I was young…. what happened? What do we do? It has to change!

  2. Sad! It does look terrible because not all northern people are like that. I just came in from tbay too and there was a group of them on the bus around us too. One girl was commenting on my watch. Meamwhile i could just smell the booze. There was quite a few of them. Made me wonder if that was them fighting.

  3. This is awful. Community leaders aren’t doing their jobs. Both the city’s and Native leaders need to address this before it gets out of hand and it looks like it’s on it way to being so…… sad.

  4. It is sad, and it breaks my heart to see things like this.
    I can cry to our leaders, and to staff at organizations meant to help people in addictions, but it wouldn’t mean anything. Ultimately, the call for help must come from the individual. I can only pray, we can only pray.
    And, do remember, for those inclined to respond negatively, karma is keeping track.
    Have a re at day!

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