Thunder Bay Man Banned From Owning Animals For 2 Years


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Yet another animal abuser has been convicted in Thunder Bay. This time the abuser has been court ordered not to have any animals for a period of two years.

Most people would think this is a light sentence, and it does appear to be such. 2 years is ample time for anyone truly looking to learn how to be better to an animal. If after two years the abuser reoffends, we can look forward to a stiffer penalty.


The Justice of the Peace found Kevin Adams guitly of causing distress to an animal on April 15th, 2019. Not only was the two year “no animals” ban ordered, but a $500 fine as well.

The facts of the case are that on November 15, 2017 Adams came into the Thunder Bay and District Humane Society to surrender a dog. Sadly, the dog needed to be euthanized after its condition was seen to be extremely poor. The dog had a severe skin infection.

The circumstances resulted in an OSPCA agent at the Humane Society to launch an investigation into the dogs well-being. That investigation resulted in the charges being laid against Adams.


Do you know about an animal being abused? Reach out to the OSPCA’s hotline at 310-SPCA (7722), or your local police service.


3 Replies to “Thunder Bay Man Banned From Owning Animals For 2 Years”

  1. 2 year ban is a joke. A guy was just given a lifetime ban for abuse. that is what this person should have got. Abuse an animal , you just don’t get a chance to do it to another one

  2. It takes almost 2 years for this loser to be investigated and charged for cruelty to an innocent animal. WOW. They should of done this the same day he dropped off the dog. Probation? Who is going to monitor this piece of sh… for 2 years. He will have another pet in no time and no one will be the wiser. Judicial system in this town is the biggest joke ever as we all know. We need to open our eyes and start protecting innocent animals a little bit more. They love unconditionally and get nothing in return. I would love to see these abusers get treated the same way. I hope he has no kids, because skin conditions are brought on by filth and poor nourishment. They would probably live the same way the dog did.

  3. Once again a poor innocent animal suffers. Two years is a joke. He will probably get another animal and no one will be the wiser. Who is going to actually monitor this sh.. head. Poor skin condition is usually a result of poor nutrition and filthy conditions. (fleas, parasites, etc.) I hope this loser doesn’t have kids.

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