Thunder Bay Ambulances Hit CODE BLACK


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Thunder Bay’s ambulances hit “Code Black” a couple hours ago.

”Code Black” means that there are no available ambulances for emergency calls. All the ambulances were tied up on calls at the time.


We have been told that there was pending emergency calls during this “code black” and it is likely that ambulances from neighbouring communities were dispatched. This is dangerous as the response time from neighbouring communities is much longer, which can lead to a loss of life in certain emergencies.

As of 10:30 pm, 6 ambulances were reported as waiting to off load at the hospital.

Superior North EMS has no doubt dealt with numerous overdoses among other medical issues today, causing the spike in a need for service.


Paramedics can sometimes get held at the hospital until the emergency room can take their patients in.

We will update you more on this in a follow up article as more information becomes available.


9 Replies to “Thunder Bay Ambulances Hit CODE BLACK”

  1. Maybe the hospital should speed up the drop off process. This seems like a ploy to get more ambulances while the real issue lies at the hospital with patient intake.

  2. What’s going on at the hospital that they can’t take these emergency patients in and get the ambulance on the road again? Omg! Something needs to be done about that! We have kids and aging parents and can’t ger an ambulance because they’re in a lineup at Emerg?!!??!! This is much more important than almost any issue at all! This is life and death – what is being done about it?

  3. its all becuase of these drunks that wonder the streets and get the ambulance called for them, have you been to the hospitol lately? its rediculous, there in there yelling and fighting etc.

  4. Curious how many of the people being transported are tax paying residents of Thunder Bay.. furthermore, how many are actual emergencies for non self inflicted reasons..

  5. The bigger question that needs to be asked is how many of these paramedics are being tied up with opiate related overdoses?

    Often times “users” are revived and taken to hospital for observation. Leaving the rest of the community in jeopardy.

    How many Code Blacks will there be before someone dies as a result of a “users” addiction.

    We need to find ways to reclaim our lost communities and rid ourselves of this scourge of criminal activity and drug abuse.

  6. Reports….lots of overdoses today.

    The opiate crisis is getting very real for all of us and ultimately affects our emergency services.

  7. Maybe it is time to stop making self inflicted drug overdoses a priority and to quit making the legit people wait for the paramedics. Maybe if the word was out that if it is an overdose or a substance abuse issue they will have wait instead of someone who is having a heart attack or motor vehicle accident. Right now the system is enabling these junkies and drunks while they punish everyone else. The hospital here is nothing more than a huge detox centre for those selfish creeps who self inflict. The hospital should be renamed Junkie Paradise. And yes I have absolutely no sympathy for those junkies. They chose their lifestyle.

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