The REST of the Story: Alleged Ottawa Crack Dealer Westfort Bar/McDonald’s

(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Yet again we find ourselves in a position where the police media release was lacking details, and as per usual, mainstream media printed that information and no more as the word of the bible, not to be questioned.


TRCCTB.COM dug a little deeper and found out that there was a significant part of the story missing, which we have been told by people who were witness to the situation. What we have been told is below.

The alleged crack dealer with known ties to Ottawa was at the Westfort tavern when it is alleged he started harassing a woman and her friends. The situation escalated and the woman’s boyfriend stood up to the man and eventually the man was asked to leave.

Once the seemingly aggressive male was removed from the establishment, the woman, her friends and boyfriend decided to leave the bar. Once they were driving down Brown Street they noticed a vehicle catching up to them quickly. It was the alleged crack dealer.

The group of people along with the female victim pulled into McDonald’s in hopes of safety and food. The alleged crack dealer at this point seems to have hopped a curb and smashed into the front end of the victims truck.


It was just luck at this point that an off-duty officer was on location and took the male into custody.

Sometime during the collision, it is believed the woman was injured (injuries pictured below).


When officers arrived to the restaurant they arrested the male for impaired operation of a motor vehicle. Officers learned the accused had been fighting with paramedics and the off-duty officer before the arrest.

Following a search of the vehicle the accused had been driving police located a quantity of suspected crack cocaine and paraphernalia consistent with drug trafficking.


Jacob Daniel Wattie, 23, of Thunder Bay, is charged with:

  • Assault.
  • Uttering Threats – Death or Bodily Harm.
  • Possession of Schedule 1 Substance for Purpose of Trafficking.
  • Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle.
  • Operations of a Motor Vehicle While Impaired – Alcohol and Drugs.
  • Failure to Comply With Demand (Breath).

Wattie remains in custody, for now. His Facebook profile indicates that he has been to jail before for armed robbery among other charges.

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