(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Earlier today, Det. Insp. Ryan Hughes made a statement via media release to the public, stating that there have been no gang-related abductions in Thunder Bay.

First let’s define the term “gang”, as the Merriam-Webster dictionary put it (since he also mentioned a lack of a source):


1GROUP: such as

aa group of persons working to unlawful or antisocial ends especially: a band of antisocial adolescents

ba group of persons working together


Now let’s define the term “Abduct”, as per the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

1to seize and take away (a person) by force. The girl was abducted by kidnappers.

“We haven’t had any gang related abductions in Thunder Bay” Det. Insp. Ryan Hughes.

Now let’s rewind to August 2016.


tbnewswatch, posted this article regarding an ABDUCTION that took place, involving 3 men from Ottawa.

THUNDER BAY — Three men involved in an alleged targeted kidnapping of a 17-year-old Thunder Bay man are now facing a litany of charges, a day after the youngster was rescued by police from his captors.

Police spokesman Chris Adams said it’s definitely an unusual case for the city.

He said the teenager, who was in danger the entire time he was held captive, was abducted from a Tupper Street residence on Saturday afternoon, taken to a residence in the 700 block of Simpson Street and assaulted for approximately 48 hours.

Police spotted the unnamed victim being forced out of a truck on nearby Pruden Street, where they rescued him from his abductors.

Two men, who fled the scene, were arrested on Finlayson Street moments later.

A third man was arrested as the investigation unfolded.

“It’s not something we see very frequently at all, kidnappings, especially something like this involving multiple people. For us it’s still an ongoing investigation and it’s a number of charges laid against three individuals,” Adams said on Tuesday.
“These are some unusual charges as well.”

Ottawa’s Mohamed Ahmed Ali, 22, faces one charge of kidnapping, one charge of assault and one charge of administering a noxious thing.

Fellow Ottawa resident Juan Pulido, 22, was charged with one count of kidnapping, assault with a weapon, two counts of uttering threats, administering a noxious thing and breach of undertaking.

Thunder Bay’s Jaymz Keir Perry Hancock, 23, is charged with one count of kidnapping and one count of extortion.

Administering a noxious thing is not an every-day charge, Adams admitted.

“In this case it’s forcing someone to take something against their will and certainly if it can jeopardize their health,” he said.

Asked if the kidnapping was sexual in nature, Adams said it wasn’t. Asked if it was gang-related, he said it’s still an ongoing investigation, the same reply he gave when asked if the victim knew his abductors.

He did say more information was likely to be released in coming days.

Although he couldn’t go into the exact nature of the assault, Adams said it was very traumatizing and the teenager was taken to hospital for an examination after being freed, his injuries proving to be minor in nature.

“He’s fortunate to be alive and is safe,” he said. “It’s clear to us he was in danger.”

All three suspects are expected to appear in court on Wednesday.

Here’s what the Chronicle Journal put out regarding the GANG-RELATED ABDUCTION:

Abduction linked to gang, says chief; 4th person charged in kidnapping case

The kidnapping of a Thunder Bay teenager last week was the work of an out-of-town gang, says the city’s police chief.

The Thunder Bay Police Service on Friday said a fourth individual, a 28-year-old man from Ottawa, has been charged in the abduction of a 17-year-old youth.

Police Chief J.P. Levesque said the city is seen as a place where gangs and drug dealers can do business.

“It’s a lucrative market. We know we have high rates of addiction in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario,” Levesque said.

“They’re entrepreneurs. They see a way to make money but they’re feeding off the misery of people who are addicted though. It’s just not good for the city.“

The youth victim was allegedly taken from a Tupper Street home last Saturday and was held and assaulted at a Simpson Street residence until Monday.

That was when officers saw the youth being removed from a pickup truck on Pruden Street, leading to his recovery and the arrest of two men.

The investigation resulted in the arrest of the third man.

The fourth was arrested Monday at a Donald Street East residence, where a .357 Magnum handgun was seized.

“These gangs are coming to town armed,” Levesque said. “It’s not just getting the individuals off the street. It’s getting the weaponry off the streets as well.“

Levesque would not answer whether the youth was known to the accused kidnappers.

But he admitted he was “taken aback” when first informed of the case, acknowledging it’s a unique crime for Thunder Bay.

“These individuals bring a great propensity for violence when they come into town,” Levesque said.

This isn’t the first time city police officers have encountered visiting gangs in Thunder Bay.

Levesque said the force busted a B.C. outfit last year and have had multiple Toronto enterprises trying to establish themselves in the city.

“When we see gangs from different areas in town at the same time we’re a little concerned about rivalries and those kinds of situations,” Levesque said.

“We’re very cognizant that we need to keep our intelligence sharp on who is in town in terms of criminal behaviour and criminal activity.“

The fourth individual has been charged with kidnapping, assault, uttering threats, assault with a weapon and non-compliance with a probation order.

And, the Thunder Bay Police Service media release, from the same branch that Det. Insp, Ryan Hughes works in, the Criminal Investigations Branch, made this release:


The Criminal Investigations Branch of TBPS has charged three individuals in connection with the abduction of a 17 year old male.

It is alleged that the 17 year old had been kidnapped on Saturday August 13, 2016 from a Tupper Street residence.  He had been held and assaulted at residence in the 700 block of Simpson Street until Monday August 15, 2016.  Officers observed the male being removed from a pickup truck on Pruden Street just after 2:30 p.m.  Two other males in the truck fled the scene and were later arrested a short time later in the vicinity of the 200 block of Finlayson Street.

A third male was arrested in connection with this incident as the investigation into the disappearance of the 17 year old victim unfolded.

Charged are:

22 year old Mohamed Ahmed ALI – Ottawa Ontario

  • Kidnapping c.c. 279.1(b)
  • Assault c.c. 266
  • Administering a Noxious Thing c.c. 245(a)

22 year old Juan PULIDO – Ottawa Ontario

  • Kidnapping c.c. 279.1(b)
  • Assault with a Weapon c.c. 267(a)
  • Uttering Threats (2 counts) c.c. 264.1(1)(a)
  • Administering a Noxious Thing c.c. 245(a)
  • Breach of Undertaking c.c. 145(3)

23 year old Jaymz Keir Perry HANCOCK – Thunder Bay

  • Kidnapping c.c. 279.1(b)
  • Extortion c.c. 346(1.1)(b)

This matter is still an ongoing investigation.  All three have been remanded into custody with a court date of August 17, 2016.

Later on, a fourth man, who is from Ottawa, an Andrew Goddard would also be charged regarding this abduction. All the charges would later be dropped due to all the witnesses being too terrified to testify in court. During this court case, it was made aware that these men were gang members from the Ottawa area, and were in town solely for the purpose of organized crime. (see definition of “gang” provided above).

Andrew Goddard was recently re-arrested during an incident on Sequoia Drive.

CTV News Ottawa published this article in 2018, regarding Mohamed Ahmed Ali, about 2 years after the GANG-RELATED abduction he was alleged to have been involved in.

Two men in their 20s are facing several firearms charges after Ottawa Police were called to investigate a report of a shooting.

Police say at approximately 8:45 p.m. Monday, a victim was leaving a home on Hartleigh Avenue in the Woodpark area and became involved in a shooting incident.

No one was hurt.

Police say officers located the suspect vehicle a short time later and initiated a traffic stop on the southbound Bronson Avenue ramp to Riverside Drive. Two men were arrested for multiple offences.

CTV News saw a vehicle pinned between two police cruisers on the ramp last night.

Witnesses reported up to 10 police cruisers racing southbound on Bronson Avenue near Carleton University at one point.

Mohamed Ahmed Ali, 24, is facing:

Careless use of a firearm
Pointing a firearm
Possession of a firearm dangerous to public
Unauthorized possession of a firearm in motor vehicle
Resist arrest
Flight while pursued by police
Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle
Discharge a firearm with intent

Everton Ambrose, 28, is facing:

Careless use of a firearm, weapon, prohibited device or ammunition, etc..
Pointing a firearm
Possession of a weapon dangerous to public
Unauthorized possession of a firearm in a motor vehicle
Discharge a firearm with intent
Possession of a firearm or ammunition contrary to prohibition order x5
Ottawa Police say a gun has not been found. They believe it may have been thrown out the window during the chase somewhere between the intersections of Isabella at Percy and Riverside at Bronson. Police say if you find it, don’t touch it, but call police immediately.

Sure, the recent attempted abductions cannot be said 100% for certain that they are absolutely “gang-related”, but if we study the patterns of gangs, the recent increase of attempted abductions, the recent rise of gang-activity in Thunder Bay, the eyewitness testimony of the people who endured these incidents, along with descriptions of the people who attempted to abduct them, it’s not hard to put the puzzle together. Face tattoos and bandanas? c’mon.


I can respect that the TBPS doesn’t want to alarm the public, and I’m sure their phones ring off the hook with people asking what’s going on, that doesn’t make it ok to outright lie to the public.

Crips gang member Kurt Downer was arrested after a lengthy standoff in Thunder Bay at the well-known 288 Windsor Street complex.

Here’s some history on what Downer has done in the past. The article below is from Louise Rosella, of Mississauga News:

A 26-year-old man identified as a member of the Crips street gang has been sentenced to nearly five years in prison for kidnapping a 16-year-old boy in Erin Mills.

Kurt Downer was given a penitentiary term of four years and nine months this week by Justice Hugh Atwood in Brampton court. Last month, he pleaded guilty to a number of charges, including kidnapping, forcible confinement, robbery and several weapons charges.

Peel Regional Police say that on May 23 a group of older teens abducted the 16-year-old from the parking lot outside Erin Mills Town Centre.

Downer’s lawyer, Gary Batasar, said his client no longer wants to be involved with gangs and hopes to change for the better.

“This sentence reflects the deterrence, denunciation and possible rehabilitation of my client,” Batasar said. “The (jail term) could have been a lot worse.”

Police have also arrested three others in the case: Shane Sutherland, 29, along with Sem Tesfamariam, 18, of Mississauga, and Kumar Lawrence, 18, of no fixed address. Their charges are still before the courts.

In May 2006, the Peel Crown Attorney’s Office stayed charges against Downer, who was charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder in the Aug. 30, 2005 shooting at D Martini Lounge that claimed the life of Joines Connolly and injured his 22-year-old friend.

The crown decided to stay the charges after a key witness in the case, Tony Calvo, disappeared.

Imo Lewis, 24, was recently convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 18 years in that case.

The victim was found unhurt a few hours later in the area of Bristol and Creditview Rds.

Downer, known as “Snipes,” was found with a loaded firearm when he was arrested by police last month.

During this week’s sentencing hearing, the judge heard that the kidnapping was carried out to send a message to the older brother of the victim. The older brother is believed to have owed Downer and his friends thousands of dollars in drug money.

Police have long believed that Downer is a member of the Crips, a notorious gang with members in cities across North America. The Crips are usually identified by their flamboyant use of the colour blue in their clothing.

Crown prosecutor Dave Maylor, who was seeking a jail term of between seven and 10 years, told the judge Downer has a criminal record and is a member of the infamous gang. The judge heard Downer has tattoos relating to his alleged gang membership, including one on his arm that reads BK (Blood Killer) For Life.

His arm is also tattooed with several street gang insignias, including three three-point crowns that can indicate membership in the Crips.

The Crips are known to have an intense and bitter rivalry with the Bloods, another large street gang with chapters across North America.

The Thunder Bay Police Service themselves would put out a missing person report for a woman, she would not be located for months later. People who were close to her were worried about her well-being, as she was involved closely with these gangs.


She would later be rescued by a southern Ontario police service and has not been seen much since. I have personally spoken to this woman, and she does not wish to have her name made public, for obvious safety concerns.

She was abducted by a southern Ontario gang, transported to southern Ontario and forced into the sex trade, all against her will. This is all information easily accessible to any higher-up in the Thunder Bay Police Service.

Was this an “OOPS” by the Thunder Bay Police Service to acknowledge that a gang-related abduction did indeed take place in Thunder Bay? They had the accused’s charged, and it went through court. Does it no longer count as a “gang-related” abduction because the charges were withdrawn purely out of the fearful witnesses?

Does anyone remember just a few months ago when Acting Chief Sylvie Hauth tried to downplay the situation in Thunder Bay and called it “safe”? The Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition, and the Thunder Bay Police Services Board both called her out on it, and since then she has requested assistance from the provincial government to help tackle the “gang” issues Thunder Bay is facing.


TBPS also claimed that the out of town gangs are not recruiting locals. How can you on one hand claim to have such intimate knowledge of what the gangs are doing, yet be so ignorant about what they have already done? Yes, they are recruiting. Yes they have prospects. Yes they take people down to Toronto with them to further test their allegiance.

How does downplaying what is going on in our city help anyone? Citizens need to be made aware of what is happening, not downplay everything at every point.

The major point of this article is to highlight the ever ongoing downplaying by the TBPS as to the issues in Thunder Bay. Issues do not get better by pretending they did not happen, things get better and safer by informing and educating citizens on how to stay safe.

Speaking to keeping citizens safe, it was said in the same video that media releases are done to keep citizens safe, among other things. Well, what a huge flop that has been, historically and presently.

How is it that gang members have been in town, wielding guns, selling crack/fentanyl, taking over homes, for years (2015 the earliest I’ve known of it) yet TBPS is only recently acknowledging this?

Speaking to the “sources” the TBPS claim is lacking in a lot of reporting, these “sources” are multiple citizens sharing what happened to them, often with witnesses to the events. You guys have received the reports, yet have failed to put out media releases to alert the public.

Does anyone remember the male who robbed the Mac’s at Junot and Red River, the one where the guy beat the crap out of the store clerk and slashed his throat with a broken glass bottle? TBPS decided to leave out the throat slashing and left the public ignorant to that. The only reason the public was made aware of that, was by me, sitting in court, reporting on it.

Everyone started shouting “you’re fake news! police didn’t say his throat was slashed” until I posted the court docs, which clearly state the clerk’s throat was slashed.

There is an on-going theme of left out information in the police media releases. Today they stepped it up a notch and outright lied to the public.

There was a gruesome and violent aggravated sexual assault, where at least two men beat and raped a woman. This happened around the end of August. TBPS arrested one suspect, while the remainder were at large. Where was the media release to keep the public safe? Why was nobody warned?

I see lots of inconsistencies, misinformation and downright ignorance from the speech made by Det. Insp. Ryan Hughes. This is out of character for him, I can only assume he was shoved in front of a camera with a pre-written script that he did not fact-check himself before putting it out into the world.

The front line officers of the Thunder Bay Police Service have a tough job to do, and this by no means is taking any of that away from them. We support our police service 100%. What is questionable is the interactions through media releases that is downplaying the situation in town, and downplaying the hard work our officers do.

So choose your pill Thunder Bay, blind, ignorant and blissful, or aware, safe, and informed, you decide.

There will be a part 2 to this article where I will further pick apart the misleading and downplaying that is occurring in town, this will be all for tonight.

If you didn’t see the TBPS video yet, here it is below.

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