TBPS Release Sketch of “Baby Doe’s” Mother


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The Thunder Bay Police Service held a press conference at 1:00 pm today due to some new information they have put together regarding the murder of “Baby Doe” 25 years ago.

Police say that the baby was found in a trash can after a passerby called 911 to report either a dead animal or a baby was in a bag in a trash can.


Police arrived to find the deceased baby.

Investigation revealed the baby died of hypothermia but was born otherwise healthy and alive.

Police hired a company from the United States of America to take the DNA they recovered at the scene of the incident and come up with a computer generated drawing of the mother. This company has had success in numerous other cases across the USA and as well in Sudbury, where the sketch lead to an arrest.


A member of the press asked the police on camera how much the company charged for this service, in which a proper and stern answer made it clear that when it comes to the death of a baby, or the death of anyone, cost is not a concern.

Police said it was sad when Baby Doe was put to rest, having 6 Thunder Bay Police Service officers lay her to rest.

The company believes the person is possibly of Italian descent and may appear exactly or strikingly similar to the photo provided. Smoking, drug or alcohol use was not factored in and may prove a challenge if this person is a substance abuser.


The “Baby Doe” tip line has been established at 807-684-5001. Anyone with any information is urged to come forward and assist investigators in this case.


3 Replies to “TBPS Release Sketch of “Baby Doe’s” Mother”

  1. Could it have been a patient at the LPH and someone took it out of there so no one would know? Staff? It wouldn’t be the first time someone was drugged and raped by a staff member. Pino you don’t have to print this but being that you are a “journlist” it is food for thought. I have always thought this could be the case…

  2. Utter bull $hit, she is now 50yo and probably overweight, what does that “look like” so us tax paying citizens can finally identify her and put this 3 decade old case to rest.

    1. Kevin. The photo is to stir memories of people who may know this person from 25 years ago. It’s not a photo of the person today. As for the cost of your taxes toward this investigation, you’re heartless. No person should have to be buried without a name, especially a baby. Perhaps you should take a hard hit to the head, forget who you are and nobody ever assist in helping you. You’re heartless.

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