Suspicious Male – Possible Child Abduction Attempt


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – We have some unnerving information for parents and caretakers of children across the city today.

A male fled the scene of what is believed to be an attempted grooming and possible abduction attempt.


The situation unfolded in Northwood earlier today near Spruce Court.

A child was playing outside in their grandmothers yard when a male pulled up in a truck and got out. The male then approached the gate and started speaking with the lone child in the yard.

The grandmother of the child heard their dog barking very aggressively. The dog was with the child in the front yard. Once the grandmother came to the front yard to see what the fuss was about, she noticed the man standing at the gate and her child standing very close to the gate.


The male became startled when the grandmother came outside and left in the truck immediately.

The only current description of the truck is that it was blue.

After speaking with the child, it was discovered that the kid was asked to come and play with the adult male and to open the gate for him as he couldn’t open it from outside.

Police have been notified and are looking into it. Watch your children closely.


2 Replies to “Suspicious Male – Possible Child Abduction Attempt”

  1. When people see something suspicious like this, get out the recording equipment. Get a pic of the perp, the vehicle and license plate if possible. The more info the better for police to track the sick predators down.

  2. Use a webcam in your windows of your house front and back and put alarms attatched to your fence. If the dog was not there barking the sick mpervert prob would have grabbed that child.

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