Suspicious Death Sparks South Side Police Presence


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A number of residents in a southside multi-unit residential building have informed us of a strong police presence at their building.

Sources indicate that a man around 50-years-old was found dead sometime today. Circumstances surrounding the man’s death are uncertain at this time.


Approximately 6 Thunder Bay Police Service cruisers are holding the scene in force at the moment.

Officers are not allowing anyone into the unit where the man was found deceased. Their investigation is continuing.

Residents in the building expressed concerns to us which echo many buildings in the city, significant foot traffic to certain units that are occupied by southern Ontario gang members.


This is a developing story and we will have more information as it becomes available.


8 Replies to “Suspicious Death Sparks South Side Police Presence”

  1. The OPP tell people to be vigilant to their surroundings. Thunder Bay police wait until extreme situations occur. WTF? I’m going to say this…vigilantism, as illegal as it may be, perhaps is our only chance to turn things around! What is society becoming other than enablers of this crime wave? A fucking injection site isn’t the fucking answer! 52 years in this town and I’m forced to dwell upon packing my shit and moving? Stand up and fight for your right so you can safely party…with your loved ones!

  2. Would be interesting to find out how many overdose deaths have occurred in Dumpster Bay in the last year or so?

    Anyone know where that info would be readily available without the requirement of an Freedom of Information act application? I doubt the coroner’s office would be willing to divulge that info without an FOI. And of course, local municipal govt officials would certainly want that info kept buried.

    1. What do you care? You constantly call these people no good trash, no matter who is hurting because of their deaths.

    2. Kidwhocares:

      Because I’m interested in statistics that will show how bad Dumpster Bay has become.

      You’re right. I couldn’t give a rat’s ass for these drug addicted, welfare scamming social rejects. The more that fall, the better.

  3. My ex lived there the landlords would not even pay tenants their rightful interest on rent deposits so ya only a few bucks per person but time’s how many units they had in all buildings must have been a pretty penny so no surprise they allow this going’s on in these buildings as long as they get paid!

  4. Landlords should be held accountable. Money is not money. Your from where?? No we will not rent to you. No southern Ontario people wanted. Once again we need more funding. Toronto got a pile to combat the problem there so they just come here. Open season!!

  5. Rex: dude u just don’t get it do u. Each of these ppl who dies leaves a family behind. Each of those family members has gone they the same experience as family members of cancer patients or other long term illness patients. They have suffered greatly. Do u realize there are thousands of kids out there in Tbay who need counselling and are in shitty foster systems oh but that’s right u don’t care. U don’t care that wait lists for counselling for kids can be a year long. Go on with ur shitty negative rants at each and every post with the same awkward language but the fact is ur POV is ignorant and small minded. This crisis affects this city in dozens of ways that trickle down and affect every part of life and people dying does NOT make it better, if anything makes it worse as drug dealers just find worse ways of hooking ppl and “new customers” incl spiking doses to unknowing ppl and kids. So d off with ur lousy opinions

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