Suspicious Death: North Side


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – As we reported yesterday, the Thunder Bay Police Service are investigating the scene where a person was found in a life-threatening condition.

The 22-year-old male was sent to the hospital by ambulance and was later pronounced dead according to a source. The cause of death is still under investigation but foul play has not been ruled out as of yet.


The discovery was made sometime yesterday, Saturday December 29th, between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm on a walking path between Bruce Street and Cox Crescent.

Sources have told TRCCTB that the person was found suffering from hypothermia and had possible signs of trauma.

Officers with city police have been canvassing the area around the scene, asking residents in the neighbourhood if they have seen anything or anyone that is suspicious.


The new police drone was deployed in the area and could be seen assisting in the ongoing investigation.

The forensics unit along with numerous cruisers and officers were on scene shortly after 1:00 pm today conducting their investigation.

We have been told that a person of interest at this point is described as a male in his 20’s with a pock marked face and short black hair. Possibly wearing a brown or black hoodie.


Anyone with information regarding this death is asked to contact the Thunder Bay Police Service at 807-684-1200.

If you wish to remain anonymous but have information you would like to share, you can reach out to Crime Stoppers through their website at

Crime Stoppers pays out money for tips that lead to convictions.


13 Replies to “Suspicious Death: North Side”

    1. The sad part is, the Native on Native violence has become so common here, that’s the first thing the majority of everyone thinks now. The second sad part is, there’s no one to blame but yourselves.

  1. how much you wanna bet it was??? i think odds are on myside here…
    and dont bother calling me a racist, i am native and just hate the way the younger generations have become so violent..

  2. your assuming its native on native ……. thats whats wrong with this city ! to much assuming and finger pointing ……. because the suspect might have black hair ? maybe hes MEXICAN ? or dyed his hair ……. QUIT ASSUMING

    1. assumptions are often based in reality and experiences.

      if you don’t like the generalizations, then stop producing the predictable results.

  3. One more Canadian dead. Stop separating race or religion. We are all Canadian. If we can all stand up and say that out loud, then maybe the racism and discrimination will stop. Sad day for some family. My condolences.

  4. its hard not to assume when you follow the patterns, 99% of the time it is, this town has just turned into a bigger reserve where people act out and have no clue how to be a respectful person..

    and thanks for assumeing im a huge C**T, im not im just a realist and see the patterns,
    i wish these people could act differently, it makes us all look bad (natives) when they act as they do.

  5. all the cry babies that argue against it bieng native on native seem to have stopped now that its proven it was just like 99% of other crimes in thunder bay!!!!
    get a grip and take a look into our sad reality…this town is just a big reserve now and the poeple have no respect for anything!!!
    we should send the criminals back home, why let them stay here when they repeatedly commit crime, public drunkeness and other dispicaple actions!!
    send these scum bags back home!!

    1. haha sorry walter didnt mean for that name on here just popped up from one of our previous arguements, i think this is somehting we can agree on though….

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