Suspicious Circumstances Surround Dogs Death


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A south-side dog owner is reaching out to the public for assistance in obtaining more information surrounding the details of their family members death.

In Summary, someone was unlocking the gate to their backyard soon after they were being harassed about their loved and well taken care of dog having free run of the backyard. Soon after, the gate was found open and the dog was missing for 26 hours. They later found the and it died due to injuries sustained.


Below are the details from Karren Pie.

If anyone had seen the person who opened the side gate on Tuesday, Dec 3 at the Ironwood Ave home where our dog Sterling lived, please get in touch with me.

Consequently, if anyone on Ironwood Ave has a home surveillance camera facing south, please review your recordings and your camera may have captured the incident (I can give exact address privately). It would have happened early morning while it was still dark. Someone opened the gate and let Sterling out. As a result, he was hit by a SUV early morning (around 7:30am) on Dec 3rd. We finally found him yesterday Dec 4 at around 11am. He was brought to the vet right away but died about 10 minutes later. He held on for over 26 hrs after getting hit until he could see us and then passed away. He was one brave Tervuren.

Coincidentally, about 2 weeks prior to the opening of the gate, an anonymous handwritten note was found in the mailbox of the house where Sterling lived. Note claimed that Sterling was neglected because he was always in the backyard in the cold and would bark and that SPCA will be called if not taken care of. A SPCA officer showed up a week later and was satisfied that the dog is not neglected. Sterling had a doggy door and he can handle very cold temperatures (look at his coat).

I am aware that the chances of legally proving who this person is that opened the gate are slim but I still want to ask, regardless. But at the same time, who else can see into your yard?

To the person who sent the anonymous note, it may very well be you that opened the gate because you weren’t happy after the SPCA reported back to you that there was no neglect. You went out of your way to put our dog in harm’s way and now he’s dead. If you are not held accountable now, you will be held accountable in some way, shape or form through life. It’s the law of nature. I want you to look at these photos and feel superior and proud of what you’ve done.

I would like to avoid any negative comments. If anyone has any info they would like to share, please message me directly on Facebook “Karen Pie”.

Thank you for your time.

Previous Facebook post about the incident by Karren Pie:

Sterling didn’t make it. He passed away. He waited for us to find him before expiring. He was such a beautiful dog. We are all devastated.

Sterling is now at the vet. He was walking but disoriented and making a growl like sound like he’s in pain. He was found in Dalhousie. Thank you very much for your concern. Just to see him makes us all happy.


Update Dec 4th:
Two people have seen a dog got hit between 7:30am-7:40am yesterday right across the New Hope Church on Edward St. A white SUV hit the dog with the front fog light getting damaged due to impact. The dog took off towards Northwood Plaza with a broken leg. He could be in someone’s yard, hurt. Please keep an eye out for this dog. We think it’s Sterling based on info from eye witnesses

Sterling is still missing 😓 We (5 people at least) looked for him for over 12 hours non-stop around Northwood, Con College, Delaney area, between Walsh and Arthur St, LU residences, East End area, Conservatory, Chapples Park area and neighbourhood, Central Ave to no avail. I posted on 3 different Facebook pages and my post was shared over 160 times in a span of 10 hrs, talked to so many people but no one has seen him since two ladies have spotted him between 7am-8am this morning at Redwood Park Church. We suspect that somebody may have taken him in as he seems to not be running free. There aren’t too many Belgian Shepherds in town so please keep an eye out for Sterling. He is microchipped and licensed. I posted a couple more photos of him below. Thank you for your help.



13 Replies to “Suspicious Circumstances Surround Dogs Death”

  1. I am sorry about your dog, I wish I could help. I sincerely hope you find who did this to Sterling. He looked like he was one beautiful dog.

  2. All I wanna say is ….I’m so sorry …ï have a dog and she’s my bf….😢😢 I’ll pray for ur family I hope u find the person who did this. Why????😢

  3. So, so, sorry about ur dog sterling, he is a beautiful dog, he hung on until he saw u guys, I’m a dog lover, my prayers are with u and who loved ur dog, hugs

  4. A very sad situation indeed. Should never have happened. So sorry about your beloved fur baby Sterling. Sending love and prayers. 😥

  5. My heart breaks for you and your family and so sorry for your loss of your beloved Sterling, I hope someone comes forward with video and this person is caught and dealt with by authorities,

  6. Please accept my sincere condolences . Losing a family pet is losing a member of ones family with all of the attendant grief and in your situation even more so knowing that it was the result of someone’s callous actions.

  7. I feel for you I hope you find the person responsible and they get punished accordingly..I feel zero compassion for a coward who would do such a heinous thing..If you need any assistance in punishing this POS drop his name and I’m positive this person will get whats coming to them in one form or another

  8. As dog owner I would hope that if my pet was doing something that disturbed them, like barking, that the person would knock on my door and let me know that there is a problem.I would do what ever I could to change any negative behavior by my dog so the problem doesn’t continue. To not taking the time to talk to Karren and take the chicken’s way out by calling the SPCA demonstrates a lack of maturity. Is that person’s life so miserable they have to take it out on a person’s much loved pet? To unlock the gate says a lot about where this SOB’s small brain is really located. If there is any blessing in this tragic event it is that Sterling’s family was able to be there for him in the end. Karren cherish the memories you shared with your beautiful pet..

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