Suspected Coronavirus in Thunder Bay


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The family of a man has reached out to us to inform the public that one of their loved ones was sent to the hospital this morning by ambulance.

The man returned to Thunder Bay on March 10th, after travelling in the United States.


His family tells us that he was sweating so heavily throughout the night that his blankets were soaked and he was having issues breathing.

The man went through at least one Coronavirus hotspot during his travel home.

We have been attempting to get back in touch with his family, but are unable to do so to confirm whether or not he is still at the hospital.


Other people have told us that hospital staff is turning people away and asking them to stay at home and self-isolate unless they develop issues breathing or worse. These people often do not get tested to see if they have the virus.

This would be the most recent suspected case of Coronavirus in Thunder Bay. Studies claim that over 80% of infected people go undetected and have only moderate symptoms. This is alarming as these people can and do transmit it to other people.

It’s highly suspected that the Coronavirus has been here for quite sometime already.


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  1. I passed this story on to family who has direct communication with Thunder Bay lab and at time of posting NO confirmed cases Covid 19 in Thunder Bay, but lab say it’s coming for sure. Thunder Bay will not be spared

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