SUDDEN DEATH: Academy Dead Female


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Another death to report on in the city this year, this time it is in the Academy area.

Today, people came to visit someone who lived in the building around 1:00pm today and discovered a female that was deceased. 911 was called immediately.


Thunder Bay Police Servicer officers along with Superior North EMS paramedics responded to a call for service at the notorious housing complex known as Academy. The building in question, 75 Academy Drive, is known for substance abuse and outlandish behaviour.

Upon arrival of first responders, it was quickly determined that the female was indeed deceased. The cause of the death is not determined as of yet.

Police remain on scene investigating.


We will have more information as it becomes available.

Anyone with photos of the police presence in Academy or more information on this incident are asked to reach out to us via email at


7 Replies to “SUDDEN DEATH: Academy Dead Female”

  1. I think maybe it’s time that ALL apartments owned by Thunder Bay Housing have lots of cameras in ALL common areas (hallways, stairwells, lobbies) as well as the parking lots AND hired security guards that patrol in pairs. 6 guys total to patrol that entire area, from Beverly, Academy to Balmoral. Far to much criminal activity is going in that area and something needs to be done. Also DSSAB, OW, and Housing need to join forces and start cracking down on people receiving those benefits. It’s really too bad that drug tests can’t be done and if they fail they get cut off. I’ve personally spent time down there “people watching” with my camera and the constant drug dealing that goes on in broad daylight is incredible, and the children, absolutely filthy …just running around with bare feet while the “parents” are sitting on front steps or on the grass smoking pot and drinking beer or Kelly’s wine. Go check it out sometime, it’s the sickest thing I’ve even witnessed!

  2. Sad for the family & friends to hear of yet another tragic passing.

    Not saying this is drug related, however, if it is, I wonder if the city/province keep records of untimely passings due to drug overdoses/alcohol abuse? I’d be willing to bet that Thunder Bay will be one of the highest in the country per capita along with being murder capital of Canada.

    A city in deep trouble indeed.

  3. Dsaab, ow and housing are the same thing. There are brand new cameras all over Academy. This woman was not a drug user.

  4. not every one that lives in geared to income housing are on ODSP or OW some of us work for a living and not all of us that live in geared to income housing do drugs!!!!!!

  5. It’s not just there on Academy and area where that stuff goes on. Unfortunately in pretty much all city housing the same stuff goes on. I live in Andras Court and it all happens here on a daily basis. We have cameras everywhere. .we have security. It doesn’t stop it from happening Cuzco the scum that does it don’t give a dog poo . Makes it hard for everyone else to live safely and without fear. Social services has to start doing something .

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