Student Complains Male Staff Follow Her to Bathroom At School


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Hunter J. is on social media advocating for his sister as she appears to have a grievance with St. Ignatius High School.

The allegations she is making is that male staff members are following female students when they go to the bathroom and then question the girls about various things such as who’s in the bathroom, etc. But there is a reason for this, according to numerous students. They say that there have been a number of garbage can fires in the female washrooms over the past while.


Further, the female student is claiming that she feels she can’t go to the bathroom to change a tampon without being harassed. Her brother is claiming that the high school is telling people they will get suspended if they share these allegations on social media. He’s further claiming that the school is attempting to save their reputation in an effort to suppress this information.

A number of students have reached out and told us that the schools female bathrooms have been dealing with garbage can fires due to kids messing around in there. They say that this is why the bathroom patrols have increased and appear to be a nuisance to some students.

”Nobody said they followed them INTO the bathroom, she said they followed them TO the bathroom which they do, and they stand outside of all the girls washrooms watching who goes in and out and question us when we’re in there for three or more minutes. There’s plenty of girl teachers who walk in the washroom and that’s perfectly ok because they are FEMALES, they also ask other students who is all in the washroom and they leave the bathroom doors open which is not ok for girls who are changing in the washroom, and the fact that 75% of the boy students in the school knows what the girls washroom looks like is fucked because they should have no clue. We also have girl janitors so why are the males the only ones stalking us around the fucking bathroom? Yes i understand that today the garbage fire went on but the bathrooms are locked plenty of other days too for what reason? So they can only have one or two washrooms to watch and the boys washroom we’re locked too so if only the girls washrooms were “vandalized and set on fire”  then why do they lock the boys washroom as well ? so they can watch everyone’s moves and thats whats wrong with this whole situation. Also, a principal or vice principal has never peaked their head over the girls washroom, I have heard they do that to the boys tho. Me and as well as a number of other girls can confirm this matter. This was not only Shaila J that was speaking up there is a number of girls posting the same exact thing.” – Carly Morozzo said.


A number of female students appear fed up with the new bathroom patrols. Kendall Niedbala said “trust me, it’s bad…. It is absolutely crazy what the girls are doing and how the teachers are acting”. Tyanna M stated “There is so much I wish I could say. Oh this school needs MAJOR reform.”

Any students that go to St. Ignatius and wish to speak with us about this or other situation, please either text 807-355-8917 or email

Below is the screenshot and below that is Hunter J’s statement about the situation.

“St. Ignatius High School Thunder Bay you’re a joke. There’s prove & witnesses that you guys follow your students to the washroom, peak in stalls, and chaperone your students while they use the washroom🤦🏽‍♂️. Yet you’re calling everyone who shared this exact screenshot of the post my sister made and threatening to suspend them if they don’t take it down?? My sister spoke up for not only her self, but as well as the many other students who feel violated by their teachers when they try to use the washroom with privacy. But, to save your schools “great” reputation, you basically shut her up and told her to keep quiet about it, along with the other students who were just trying to spread awareness on something that should be known by everyone.” – Hunter J.

A response is below about the situation.


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  1. Maybe if people stopped having vape parties in the washroom we would be able to go as we please.
    Vape in the designated smoking areas like you are supposed to not in the washroom or out of the vape you are hiding up your sleeve during class.

  2. Well a teacher just got busted for having child porn on his computer so regardless what has occurred in the washrooms these Male faculty should not be surrounding them. Ask the female staff to check on the girls common sense,then again thats been outlawed because your sense and my sense are not the same. I blame PC culture for this mess and to the girls who feel threatened kick them in the nuts

  3. There must be a reason these doors to the other washrooms are locked and there must be a reason that the Principal and Vice are monitoring coming and going into the washroom. I’d be willing to bet that these girls are not that innocent. But I’ve been wrong before so I think it’s in the schools best interest to get in front of this thing and make a statement.

  4. Man I can barley go to the washroom at this school
    With out walking out and getting asked to empty my pockets 😂

  5. Wow! A school willing to stand up to crime and drugs and that wants to keep its students and staff safe from fire. Good job! Keep up the great work.

    1. Exactly!
      but notice all the high school drama queens acting the part?

      Kids, honestly, shut the hell up. Smarten the fuck up.
      And act like pre-adults.
      I know it’s not all the students, but until the school staff find out who is doing it, then everyone has to suffer the consequences.
      The world doesn’t revolve around your high school drama bs.
      Get over yourselves.
      There ain’t a single one of you who are special.

  6. Sorry little girls. You want to act like assholes this is what you get. Don’t try pulling the creeper card because students have decided to act like assholes. . Go set a fire in a drum outside and vape your pretty little heads off.!!

    1. I always have VPs ask me to empty my pockets and I never have anything on me and it gets annoying I’ve seen them sit across from the washrooms and wait for kids to walk out And search them like I understand people vape
      In there but what if someone has one and they aren’t and you just take it like.

  7. I can’t help but comment that when I went to this high school (Lakeview at the time) we had a female teacher that used to hide in one of the washrooms, standing on the toilet waiting to catch girls smoking in the washroom.

    Sorry Ladies you may not like it but it is the school’s responsibility to make sure all students are safe and the actions of a few (setting garbage can fires) always ruin it for others. Welcome to the real world where there are consequences for your actions. I am not saying you are responsible for setting the fires and understand not wanting to snitch but I think you are angry with the wrong people. The school is only reacting to the actions of others and trying to keep everyone safe.

  8. Sounds like a bunch of brats, if they would behave with respect and stop acting like criminals, these steps would not have been implemented. Quit whining, stop your bratty behavior and work on regaining the staff’s trust!

  9. I honestly agree with this. There are so many females in this school that just go to the washroom to use the washroom. Like I had to walk around the whole school to find one open and there was half the school waiting to use it with supervision. Like one bathroom for half of st. Ignatius is not enough. I felt the need not to go to the washroom yesterday because of all the supervision outside the bathrooms. Being questioned about going to the bathroom is really just awful because you’re getting accused of stuff you aren’t doing. Like say you’re in the bathroom for a little longer than expected and you walk out, you get questioned on what you were doing in there. Some of the girls aren’t comfortable about saying what they were doing even though they know they were doing anything bad. Like you expect us to tell the male staff members of the school that we were changing our tampons or having to do something else in there like all normal humans do. Like find out who is doing the stuff without being invasive of other people’s privacy. They don’t even tell you what bathrooms are closed and some of us didn’t even know what was going on. I had no idea all the bathrooms were closed until I got back from using the only one open. I get it St. Ignatius, you have some good stuff but me feeling like I can’t use the washroom at school has made me have more conflicted feelings of the school

  10. Too bad a couple of rotten little turds had to ruin things for everyone at the school by their dangerous actions of attempted arson and breaking the law about smoking or vaping in a restricted area. Because of their selfish stupidity the washrooms now need to be monitored for the safety of the whole school. To those students that are whining about staff now forced to monitor washrooms, dont take it out on the staff. Place the blame where it belongs on those brainless twits who caused this situation in the first place and report them if you know who they are. As for the complainant who feels her privacy is compromised, tough, the world does not revolve around you. The safety of the whole school is more important than your sense of entitlement and overinflated ego. This is society in 2019 and you need to learn to get over your petty selfish little grievances.

  11. I used to go to this school and graduated in 2012. To me this is just a whole new low that the school has fallen too. I understand the views shared below but the school could handle the situation better. Instead of sending male faculty to chaperone the female students, then why not ask a female staff member to monitor the FEMALE bathrooms. But hey, that would take common sense which I know this school does not have. I was at that school for 5 years (I took part in the reach ahead program in grade 8, taking grade 9 music before I went to the school. As well as staying behind for an extra semester after graduating.) The school has a dirty secret of being discriminating. The fact that its only female students having to under go this destruction of privacy is sickening. Would any female want to answer to a male teacher that they were changing their tampons? Of fucking course not. It’s embarrassing and completely none of their business. So it seems that now they’re moving from religious discrimination (I was at the receiving end of that so I know it happened) to sexual discrimination. Wow GG St. Ignatius, you’re now more of a shit hole than you were before.

  12. We use to smoke in the high school bathroom when I went. We all knew the risks but did it anyway and would get caught. We delt with the consequences. If someone is starting fires I completely understand why they are checking constantly. It may be a pain in the ass but they are trying to keep the building from BURNING!!! Trying to keep people SAFE! It’s been awhile since I went but isn’t there gender neutral bathrooms now? If not comfortable with the male teachers asking questions outside the girls bathroom maybe you’d be more comfortable using it?

  13. Obviously there’s a necessity for washroom supervision in this school. A few shit heads have created the situation requiring supervision. Those who are whining about their privacy being intruded upon should take it up with the shit heads who caused the problem.

    Personally, I think half of the snivelling, infantile brats in this world today need six months of boot camp to teach them respect and discipline. It’s abundantly apparent that the parents of these spoiled/entitled little whiners failed to prepare them for the real world.

    Suck it up kids!. Life is about to give most of you a going over like you’ve never expected and mommy & daddy won’t be there to coddle your sensitive little asses every time something doesn’t go your way.

  14. sounds like someone has been dealing with a mental health issue. Fire starting also called Pyromaniacs just set fires because they want to and feel a compulsion to. Whoever is doing this needs to be admitted and needs a psychological assessment done, they are putting others at risk!
    If you see, in the past our City has been dealing with these people all over the city! They need help ASAP. The staff have a priority to keep everyone safe.
    In the past, a student was sending threats to the school, so this is very serious stuff!!

    Yes, it’s unfortunate everyone is having to deal with the consequences, but if u want change, then stop behaving in this type of behavior!!!

    If u know anyone who has been doing this, they are in serious need of help. A doctor can help this person.

    Lil angel

  15. Bunch of whiny brats. To the teachers at St Ignatius, keep watching them, and please discipline these girls who made this article. They themselves are the problems and they are trying to make their own teachers look bad. Suspension please!

  16. How short sighted and self serving to have such misdirected anger and indignation.
    Why dont you complain to the immature and stunned pals who ruined life for y’all?
    Ehy dont you bad mouth,accuse and complain to the media how the low life girls who are acting like twats have ruined your private tampon time and act like arsonists ?
    Start handing in their names
    Stop whining and blaming the ppl in charge.
    Grow up

  17. I guess i might as well stop trying to post comments on here. Despite some of what others post, I feelt mine were much more tame in nature.
    But after having over 50% of them denied, what is the point
    While certain posters appear to speak their minds without restraint…I am not one of the favourites.

  18. Just put cameras where the kids enter first, and have to exit, you know in the hall. When disturbances happen, HUH, you know where to start!?

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