STRIKE: Teachers Drop the Chalk and Walk


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A one day strike is looming. The education sector is rattling.

Below is the Lakehead Public Schools statement.


”Elementary Schools Closed on January 23 for One-Day ETFO Strike

Due to a one-day strike by the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO), all ELEMENTARY schools will be CLOSED to students on Thursday, January 23.

Parents/guardians should make alternate arrangements for Thursday, January 23. All child care centres located in elementary schools will remain open.


All Lakehead Public Schools Secondary schools will be OPEN for exams on Thursday January 23.

The Lakehead Adult Education Centre will be OPEN on Thursday, January 23.

All ELEMENTARY schools will re-open with transportation and activities to resume as per normal practice on Monday, January 27 due to the Friday, January 24 Elementary School Professional Activity (PA) Day.”

More information will be added as it becomes available.


6 Replies to “STRIKE: Teachers Drop the Chalk and Walk”

  1. When I was a kid going to school, teachers never went on strike. Now it seems like they’re striking ever second year. And this is called progress?

    Teachers only work half the year, get all kinds of PD days and book sick regularly with full pay. They have more time off than any other profession, get paid very well, have golden pensions yet they whine and cry for more.

    These people need a reality check.

    I’d love to see one of these whiners doing a construction, factory or transportation job for one month. Rest assured they’d shut their whining yaps and be ever thankful for what they presently have.

    1. Do you have kids? Or even know kids? Especially those with special needs. Maybe some want more, but for the most part, the strikes are in response to cuts directly impacting the children. PD stands for Professional Development – those are work days for teachers.

    2. PD actually stand for Party Days.

      These whiners have the easiest gig in the world. Where else can you work to get paid big bucks, work straight days with weekends off, get half the year off with pay, get a golden pension package, produce sub standard work and never be challenged for it? I support the govt for taking these slackers to task.

    3. Kinda clueless aren’t you. Summer break isn’t half the year. Their 10 month salary is busted up to pay them over 12. I can’t imagine why anyone working in a germ infested environment, with kids of any and every ability, including violent offenders and severe mental health issues would ever need sick days. You also clearly have NO idea what goes on during a PD day – that’s a day off for kids not ANY staff. Get a grip. Like it or not the world isn’t the same as “when you went to school”. I bet you would last less time as a teacher than a teacher would in any of your above listed professions.

  2. You would be surprised at how many private schools there are in other certain provinces where average income people send their kids to. Some of the reasons they send their kids to those private schools is because those schools do not go on strike, they are not forced to teach a curiculum that is political indoctrination, the kids go from pre-school all the way to grade 12 in the same school and the people get to deduct the fees on their income tax. Those kids average better on all testing. Teachers here are very well paid for what they do in the time frame they do it. Teachers should be considered an essential service just like police, firemen and nurses because they are paid by the government and the taxpayers dime. They would not be allowed to strike if they were an essential service. No sympathy for that union ALWAYS demanding more.

  3. Teachers are mainly striking because of the budget cuts, class caps, mandatory e-learning. The budget cuts affect how many support staff are in the schools. Teachers have lost their jobs, so schools have been forced to also cut classes/programs. It’s not all based on them wanting more money, that is one part of all the reasons they are striking. They work hard, they don’t get a ton of sick days. PD days are not holidays for them, they still have to work. I believe they have the children’s best interest in mind. I know some people will not agree. That’s fine, everyone has the right to their own opinion. I for one stand behind the teachers and support staff.

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