(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A male was arrested by the Thunder Bay Police Service and is alleged to have had a number of stolen credit cards among other things in his possession.

Allegations are that a police investigation shows that the male also knowingly used forged cheques and frauded multiple people.


A 32-year-old Alexander Leif Myros appeared in a Thunder Bay bail court this morning. His appearance was done by video from the Thunder Bay Police Service station, as he was in custody.


His Worship, Justice of the Peace Bruce Leaman was presiding, along with Crown Attorney Gordon Fillmore and a duty counsel lawyer.

A man and his wife are in court today, wanting to know what the man looks like who allegedly stole their credit cards and racked them up. They are in shock and upset that this happened to them, they tell TRCCTB.COM.


Myros is facing the following charges stemming from a November 20th incident:

  • Possession of stolen property (wallet with numerous credit cards)
  • Possession of stolen property (credit and debit cards)
  • Possession of stolen property (3 Royal Bank chequebooks)
  • Possession of stolen property (credit cards)
  • Fraud under $5000 (Red River Road gas station)

Further, Myros is facing the following charges from a November 3rd incident, in which a warrant for his arrest was issued:

  • Knowingly use a forged document, a cheque, as if it were genuine
  • Fraud under $5000

A November 13th incident spawned the following criminal charges for Myros, which were also the subject of an arrest warrant for Myros:

  • Knowingly use a forged document, a cheque, as if it were genuine
  • Fraud under $5000

The Crown tells the court that there should be a bench warrant for Myros, as he has failed to attend a previous court date. That paperwork is not before the court today and court proceeds without that charge, but it is expected to be before the court at a future court date.

Myros is in a reverse-onus situation and the Crown further states that there are concerns on both the primary and secondary grounds. The Crown indicates that Myros has about 5 failure to attend courts already and that he is not consenting to his release. Myros will be put to his onus to show why he should be released.

A “reverse-onus” situation means that Myros must show the courts why he should be released from jail. Primary grounds tells us that the Crown believes the likelihood of Myros to show up to his court dates is unlikely. Secondary ground concerns indicate the Crown may believe that either Myros may re-offend, become a public safety concern, and/or interfere with the administration of justice.

Duty counsel has instructions from Gil Labine, which is Myros’ lawyer of choice. The instructions ask for a bail hearing to be scheduled on Thursday if possible. The courtroom clerk indicates that there is time left on Thursday for the bail hearing, and has booked the spot.

The Justice of the Peace orders Myros to remain in jail until at least his bail hearing which is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, November 22nd, 2018.

Myros is escorted back to his jail cell where he will wait to be transported to the Thunder Bay District Jail.



  1. in Aug 2016 this woman worked for me under contract. she stole checks an signed them and they cleared the bank. the signing was no were close to mine. she stole bank deposits she made many refunds to her credit card from my credit terminals. I reported it x2 an got a reference numbers it had to be a cop that looked after these cases. he had me driving to the station to file the report drive again and again to drop off statements canceled check. for a year an a half I called him to see if she been arrested. his reply was always the same. oh I have been very busy but i will get to her. then i was to meet with him but when i went he was not avalble. then he said he would come to my place Monday. well Monday came And went no cop came after many more calls to this cop and even her own mother still nothing was done. and i am out over $10,000.. and she still happily doing her drugs well her mother takes care of her child. that’s all that has come of this from my statement to CAC they pullèd the child with in 3 days of my report to CAC

    1. you should call the thunder bay police and speak to the watch commander to start a complaint against that officer. They will resolve, investigate internally or try to dismiss your complaint. If they dismiss you I’d make a complaint to the OIPRD about the watch commander, the police and the officer.

      The fact is they have time frames to followup on investigations and if they are not doing so they are actually in neglect of duty and can face police service act charges.

    1. You would have to explain his rough time to me cause we all have rough times. Some have no where to turn but just work harder. How this guy went from hero to zero.? I don’t know.

  2. Katie would be singing a different tune if it was all of her cards and visas maxed out. Katie, I’ve seen him numerous times in Tim Horton’s the past couple months loitering around, tried to sell me a Sergei Federov hockey card four times, talking gibberish, finally I just walked out of Timmy’s because he was embarrassing to even talk to and made my gf very uncomfortable.. Up to no good clearly, good job getting him off the streets TBPS.

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