Stolen Car, Foot Chase, Southern Ontario Suspect


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A member of the Thunder Bay Police Service initiated a traffic stop this morning near the corner of Algoma and Ambrose streets.

Shortly before 8:00am, the incident unfolded when police identified a possibly stolen vehicle during a routine patrol.


Once the vehicle stopped, the male driver attempted to flee on foot but was caught a short distance away near the 0-100 block of Secord Street and arrested.

Police noted in a media release that the suspect was in possession of a “non-firearm prohibited weapon”. We can speculate that this was likely brass knuckles, a large knife, or something similar.

Police are likely to lay the following charges on the 25-year-old Windsor, Ontario resident:

  • Resisting arrest.
  • Possession of a prohibited weapon.
  • Unauthorized possession of a motor vehicle.
  • Breach of probation x3.
  • Failure to comply with court order x6.
  • Possession of property obtained by crime over $5000.

The suspect is expected to take a swing at bail on Wednesday morning.


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  1. He was in a hurry to get here because he was told by his homies that welfare was easy and fast to get on and lifetime recipients are more than welcome. Also found out the judges are a criminals best friend in Thunder Bay. All good reasons for low life losers to flock here in droves..

  2. I agree with this comment,if they were thrown in jail and had to stay for several years maybe they would learn that Thunder Bay is not the place to be doing this shit. Maybe judges are afraid?????Maybe threatened???????? I doubt it.

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