STABBING: 100 Block West Frederica


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Westfort residents were in for quite the sight this afternoon as stabs were stabbing in the 100 block of West Frederica, just outside Coney Island.

Witnesses in the area have told TRCCTB.COM that there was some arguing and a shuffle ensued which resulted in a male being stabbed multiple times, including in the stomach. The male appeared to be in his early 40’s.


Police swarmed the scene and it is unknown if an arrest has been made at this time. This is at least the second stabbing in the city in the past week.

The stabbing victim was sent to the hospital by Superior North EMS paramedics. We are unsure at this time if he is in a life threatening situation although he seemed conscious at the scene.

The victim may need some surgery to repair the damage.


Anyone with photos of this scene is asked to send it in to our newsroom at

We will update this story as more information becomes available.


10 Replies to “STABBING: 100 Block West Frederica”

  1. what is wrong with the people in this city, stabbings and overdoses are happening way to much . this city is falling apart from all this violence..

  2. i wonder if it was that parish guy stabbign someone again??
    anyways, hope the guy is ok, this town is getting more and more f’d up by the day!!
    maybe time to move away.

  3. The news every night ignores all of the overdose, violent crimes, break and enter and gang related or worse missing children. People are kept in the dark and innocent people are victims.

  4. Other news sources are in cahoots with municipal govt. to keep people in the dark.
    Mayor and council want to suppress as much unsavoury news as possible in order to try to maintain some sort of positive reputation of the city. That’s why conventional news sources under report these news items. Good ol’ boys scratching each other’s backs.

    It’s a bit of a joke though. Federal and provincial govts. are breathing down their necks due to the racism and violent criminal activity and major news/investigative journalists from other cities regularly report on how seedy and criminally infested the city is.

    Thanks to Pino & crew for keeping citizens of this dangerous city informed.

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