South Side Standoff Update – Robbery Revenge


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – There are some stupid things you can do that would put your life at risk, and robbing a southern Ontario gang member, or any gang member for that matter, is near the top of that list.
We have received information from a source who has never been wrong before about what happened that led up to the heavy police presence near Prince Arthur Boulevard and Dease.

A local woman and a local man decided to rob a southern Ontario crack and “purple down” dealer of his drugs and money. After being mildly successful, they fled the scene and got high.
A short time later, 4 southern Ontario gang members found the woman and hauled her into a home at the center of the police presence. They beat the woman and cut off her hair.

Before releasing her, they gave her a time limit to pay for what was taken. As she was on her way out of the home, a concerned neighbour asked if she was ok and she responded “no”. 911 was called and police responded.
Police shut down the road and conducted their investigation. We are uncertain if anyone was taken into custody.