South Side Homicide: Beat to Death


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A male in his early 50s is the victim in a brutal beat down that took place on Thursday April 25th, near Victoriaville Mall.

The incident took place at the intersection of Victoria and North. A male, 52-year-old Andrew Ayre was found badly beaten and unresponsive.


Paramedics were originally dispatched to the corner of Victoria Avenue and North Street at about 4 pm. on Thursday April 25th. This happened in broad daylight.

After the victim spent several days in the hospital fighting for his life, he has now passed away. Thoughts and prayers are with the family now.

The victim was not committing any sort of crime and was targeted for reasons unknown at this time.


The Thunder Bay Police Service will now deemed this a homicide investigation and are urging members of the public to come forward with any information they may have about the incident.

If you have information that could assist investigators please call police at 684-1200 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or online at



9 Replies to “South Side Homicide: Beat to Death”

  1. Just another day in Murder Bay.

    This town is circling the drain. At this rate, we’ll be murder capital of Canada again this year. Hopefully the cops will find the culprit(s) soon. Hopefully, the courts won’t drop the ball……

    Rest in peace to the victim and condolences to family & friends.

  2. Unbelievable! That might be an undesirable area of town but at 4 in the afternoon? The worst part is that it was probably over a cigarette or something equally pathetic. This city really needs to start installing cameras in high crime areas, but that will be a large task considering the majority of this town has turned into a complete hell-hole! My heart goes out to the man’s family and friends; and hopefully the person or persons responsible die a equally miserable fate. Like hit by a car and dragged for 1 or 2 kilometers!

  3. Andrew passed this afternoon he was a kind and gentle soul who didn’t deserve this. We will miss him so deep. 💔 R.I.P. ANDREW AYRE U MADE ME SMILE AND LAUGH U R A BEAUTIFUL PERSON.

  4. I guess the police are fair game along with the citizens, respect to all the police who try to protect us, And the courts fail again. What’s going on

  5. This is what I call tbay too Murder Bay…..definitely not the Thunder Bay I remember back when I was a teen in the 80’s that’s for sure

  6. This is really sad. Someone has to know something. What is going on here? This city and our overworked police force need help.

  7. this is so sad, they must have some cameras in the area this happened. that side of town is scary. my condolences to mr.ayre family and friends ,this was a senseless murder over a few bucks .I hope the court system keeps this animal locked up for a very long time.

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