Sources Say Braiden Jacob was found badly beaten – MURDERED


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – 17-year-old Braiden Jacob was first reported missing on December 6th, 2018 and the last place he was reported as being seen was in the Limbrick area around midnight on Wednesday, December 5th, 2018. Areas of interest included Chapples Park among other areas of town, but he was ultimately found at 11:30 am on Sunday, December 9th, 2018 deceased in Chapples Park.

Thunder Bay Police Service officers were holding the scene which included a large taped off area on the west side of the park, near a river. Police said in a media release on Sunday afternoon that the investigation was in the very early stages and that they could not confirm any other details at that point.


Officers and a group of volunteers coordinated their efforts in an attempt to search for the Indigenous teenager in the days leading up to the discovery at Chapples Park but were fruitless until a passerby stumbled upon the body. Police also closed off Chapples Park to vehicular traffic on Sunday and Monday. A REAL Concerned Citizen has informed us that the police are still holding Chapples Park closed to vehicular traffic.

The Thunder Bay Police Service’s forensic identification unit was on location multiple times at the Chapples Park crime scene, and since then the body of Jacob had been sent to Toronto for a post-mortem examination. Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition, Family and friends of Braiden Jacob along with First Nations leaders informed the public that the body found was indeed Braiden Jacob.

Reliable sources have informed TRCCTB.COM that the body of Braiden Jacob was found so badly beaten, that he was barely recognizable. Police have been tight-lipped, but as the family first informed TRCCTB.COM that they believed Jacob was murdered, this new information is in line with their thoughts. The family did not want to elaborate on the details of how they suspected the teen was murdered.


Braiden Jacob was in Thunder Bay to receive counselling services that are not readily available in northern communities. There have now been about 10 Indigenous deaths in recent memory in Thunder Bay that seemed suspicious and without a proper answer. Of those deaths, the family of one of the youths refused to release the findings of the toxicology report, which could have shed some light on what happened with that youth.

The Thunder Bay Police Service is working hard to identify who did this to Braiden Jacob. They are focusing their investigation in the Northwood area, and Limbrick more specifically, sources say. Police have been canvassing the area heavily since the day of the discovery.

Anyone with any information regarding the death of Braiden Jacob is urged to contact the Thunder Bay Police Service at 807-684-1200. If you wish to remain anonymous you can reach out to Crime Stoppers via their website at


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With files from Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition


12 Replies to “Sources Say Braiden Jacob was found badly beaten – MURDERED”

  1. I pray and hope they find who done this to this boy. And whoever knows anything will come out with info. Only 17 gone to soon with Christmas not far away to be with family and loved ones.

  2. Omfg. What a god damn disgrace.
    I am so, so sorry the family has to go through this horrific experience.

    Alvin Fiddler how can you keep letting this happen to our indigenous youth?

  3. My prays are with his family losing a child is the Worth’s thing that could happening to a family again I’m so sorry I hope the person responsible gets what’s coming to them rip

  4. Nothing ever good comes out of a missing person report when you see “last seen at Limbrick Place”. It’s very clear to my own teenager that you stay away from this place. The gang activity the drug dealing the beatings and the knifings. I suggest to the Chief’s you do the same for all your people get your children out of there. The police need to crack down on that place and stop the gang violence. Quite a few boys I believe would still be alive if they stayed away from this evil place. It’s unfortunate that we lost another teenager this week but this death could have been prevented. No more blame games clean this city up. Clean up Limbrick. Enough is enough. How many more teenage boys have to die with the saying last seen at Limbrick Place. I myself am pissed off that I have no other reason to believe that natives are killing natives in this city. Braiden’s innocence is no match for these city boys.

    1. Police cannot stop gang activity. Only people that join gangs can stop it. If police try to do anything to stop it, they are deemed racists, or Nazis, or whatever. They cant even card people anymore without a pile of politically correct BS. You need to stop blaming other people for the actions of individuals. The whole liberal mentality of there always being some outside “cause” or reason is the problem. This is not the governments fault, its not Limbrick housing problem, its a people problem, its people that want to be giant losers and criminals that are the problem.

      As well, how can you proclaim Braidens innocence?? You cannot do that anymore than I can proclaim him guilty. Stop rushing to form judgements when you don’t know the facts, many of which we will never know. This is not a racial problem either outside of the fact that its Indians killing other Indians. Let that fact soak in, will ya?

    2. Walter you sound as angry as I am about another loss of a youth. Let’s get this out in the open. Gangs can be stopped. The police did a shake down of black gang members in one week. They new where they were and got drugs off the street and that’s their job. Not mine or yours. Limbrick does have a problem and according to some it’s been going on for years. Why do the police just let the native gangs do what they want? Well according to the report they walk away from Native issues they don’t investigate the deaths and disregard and complaints made by native people. Braiden came from a reserve and just like Jordan and Tammy they were not here for very long before they were found dead. Why? We don’t know cause police didn’t investigate into their deaths in other words why didn’t they do their jobs. I like Bills comment. They should set up a police station right there. A child raised on the reserve is different than a child raised in Limbrick place. No child should die from a beating.

  5. Limbrick has been a ghetto since early 70’s. A neighborhood police office needs to be setup there NOW! Time to clean house.

  6. It is so sad that we are helpless to stop the killing of innocent young people in our city. Teenagers are impulsive and immature in their thought processes. They don’t always make the best choices at the best of times. Add drugs or alcohol or gang mentality and it’s a vicious brew. Apparently it’s not much better on the native reserves. So many assaults, killings and sexual assaults. There doesn’t seem to be any respect for our elders, other people’s possessions or each other. No respect for ouselves or the lives of others. So many people have the ambition and self control to improve themselves and their family. How can we I still that in our children? By example and our teaching from the day they are born.
    My father used to say” stay home and you won’t get in trouble! ” when I asked to go out. But he was so right.!

  7. I suggest to Mr. Fiddler that he stop “bad mouthing ” and blaming everyone else put on a uniform accept his responsibility and get out there and do some real good in encouraging his kids to get education, stay away from alcohol, drugs and parties by the river and remember nothing good happens after midnight. WE need all our indigenous and non indigenous young people.(male and female) in this city. If we are part of the problem then we are also part of the solution . Lets go ! C gordon

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