SilverCity Movie Theatre Selling Alcohol Now


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A while back we reported on how SilverCity applied to be able to sell booze to patrons that are watching movies.

That application has been approved and the venue is now serving alcohol.


Wine beer and cider are among the choices available to movie-goers. You have the option of buying booze from the main food court area or from a mobile vendor near the admission gates.

The idea was seen as highly controversial amongst REAL Concerned Citizens seeing as the city has a crime rate that is directly negatively impacted by substance abuse issues, including alcohol.

Now that the plan has unfolded, we will see how it impacts the movie-going experience. Booze and a movie, what could go wrong?


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5 Replies to “SilverCity Movie Theatre Selling Alcohol Now”

  1. Just one more reason to avoid the movies. Along with having to put up with the drunks outside, you will now have to put up with them inside too! Then, you can come out to your vehicle which has had its windows smashed while the druggies hunt for anything worth stealing. Sounds like a fantastic experience!

  2. What is the mobile vendor near the admission gates ?? Is this like a hotdog stand selling beer ??

  3. WHY DOES THE THEATRE HAVE TO SELL BEER WHEN ITS THE ONE SAFE PLACE FOR KIDS TO GO WITHOUT HAVING THEIR PARENT UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL AFTER WATCHING A TWO HOUR MOVIE, that makes me feel insecure about ever going back to the theatre. People who drink don’t care about nothing and no one once they have a buzz on. And how do you know someone’s not sneaking in their own alcohol? I used to sneak in pop because I found the fountain pop to be expensive when you can buy a litre of pop for 0.90 at the dollar store.

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