SilverCity Alcohol Serving off to a Questionable Start


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – It hasn’t been a long time since SilverCity has started serving alcohol, and as expected, there was a person down and out on the floor.

Our witness at the location tell us that the person wreaked of alcohol and was not responding while they were in the area.


The majority of citizens that chimed in on the alcohol plan for the movie theatre thought that the alcohol would be too expensive to get drunk on for the average drunk. It seems that the majority have underestimated some people’s determination.

It is not known for certain if this downed person was actually purchasing alcohol at the theatre or if they showed up inebriated and decided to take a nap there.

”Sad to see this happen in such a place populated with children and and staff. Man passed out on floor of cineplex around 9 pm. inebriated and cursing at staff when he woke, could barely stand as the paramedics arrived. The man is okay and got into the ambulance safely. I am glad, however this happened in a public area so that this didn’t happen outside with weather like tonight.” – Anonymous


Alcohol is already a driving factor in numerous incidents all along the McIntyre River which flows between SilverCity and that Thunder Centre, which is not really known for Thunder, unless you count thefts from stores, especially the LCBO and aggressive beggars “Thunder”.

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12 Replies to “SilverCity Alcohol Serving off to a Questionable Start”

    1. Just another zombie that happens to be in the area, this has nothing to do with the selling of Alcoholic beverages at silver city. cmon now

  1. Like I said last week, which wasn’t posted…Silvercity is done…a ghetto zone! Will never go again.

  2. We all need to stop supporting these so called beggers at the thunderbird mall lcbo area. Hunger homeless as stated on these make shift cardboard posters is only addicted and lies. These people do not care about anyone but themselves and the next fix.
    Store, staff , poloce EMS and customers in the area all see the destructive criminal behavoiur these vagrants do.
    If you see anyone stupid enough to support these this criminal activity, lay on the horn and tell them to stop giving money that supports the drunken violent criminal activity in the intercity area.

    This garbage needs to stop. No money, no access to fuel the rage and criminal activity.

    1. Amen to that.
      Its sad we have to stop trying to help people, because it just fuels the retardation in this city.
      But its obvious where our 5 – 10 bucks go that we provide to assist someone “in need”

  3. They like to beg on the “island” by Movati. “Will work” listed on their signs.
    Would they like an application for Movati or Walmart? As they are always looking for workers.
    Insert sarcastic comment here…..

  4. Oh My God, why would this movie theatre introduce alcohol, they only have ONE movie theatre in that city, the manager must be a blonde with only WHITE staff only. Glad I don’t live in that city anymore, the whole place is filled with drunks, and degenerate people.

    1. We’re glad you don’t live here as well, you sound like a complete idiot. If you moved anywhere civilized, you’d see alcohol is readily available for consenting adults at most entertainment establishments.

      The white/blonde comment baffles me, but again, go back to the ‘complete idiot’ above and it at least gives me something to work with.

  5. I’m glad Valentino doesn’t live here, as well. They must live on a remote island somewhere because there are drunks and degenerates in every city. I also don’t know what to make of the blonde, white comment. I guess prejudice is rearing it’s ugly head.

  6. Yea why comment and call our tow a toilet ? It’s the same problem in every small town. So if you don’t live here and don’t know the facts other than what you read about , mind your own bees wax and watch your own back yard

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