Sign asks TBPS to stop throwing people in the river.


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A sign appeared over the McIntyre River Wednesday evening asking the Thunder Bay Police Service to stop throwing people in the river.

The bedsheet hung up by some string first appeared Wednesday evening.

A Facebook profile by the name of Mike Shewaybick accused the Thunder Bay Police Service of throwing a woman into a river and then arrested her and taking her to jail, only to release her soon after. The woman’s name has not been provided.

Numerous claims of similar events have been made in the past, with none that I’m aware of being substantiated as true in the last 20 years or more.

There were rumours that a serial killer was roaming around, tossing drunk people into the river. During this rumours peak popularity, Thunder Bay Police officers rescued a drunk man from the McIntyre river. The man was revived after almost drowning to death and he was rushed to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre where he came to and told police what had happened. He was just drunk and fell into the river.

Thunder Bay’s first responders get called to river incidents almost daily and most often numerous times a day for drunk people either being passed out next to the river or causing a disturbance. Below is a recent photo of some people passed out next to a river.

“Hell have you tryed going to the LCBO by the mall (Beside the McIntyre River) I’ve had three drunks try to steal my bottle out of my hands and see a few f***ing behind the store but the cops are the ones with issues right.” – Cody Sheedy.

”I feel sorry for the TBPS, I see what they deal with day in and day out. To accuse them of this without proof is disgusting!” – Sharon Nystrom.

Our police are not the ones throwing people into the river, they are the ones rescuing people from the river.

The main suspects that are likely the culprits for people ending up in the river are Jack Daniel, Kelly, and Captain Morgan.

The sign has since been removed.


11 Replies to “Sign asks TBPS to stop throwing people in the river.”

  1. One guess who did this. Should say “Hey, lay off the Kelly’s wine and hairspray and stop falling in the river.” This is the most pathetic display yet.

  2. Only delusional, hateful people would believe what’s written on that sign. The authors are so blind to reality that common sense literally evades them. It’s not too difficult to figure out who would have hung such a sign.

    It seems that the “native victim” bullsh!t has boiled over again. They drink themselves unconscious, end up rolling in the river, yet need to find someone else to blame for losing one of their own due to drug and alcohol abuse.

    Unfortunately, it would appear that our federal govt and it’s errant claim that “indigenous genocide” is happening in this country has fanned the flames of hysteria and intolerance. Not by whites toward natives but just the opposite. Intolerance and hatred of whites by natives. Hence such ludicrous protests. When one analyses the cause of the vast majority of native fatalities, reality would conclude that “indigenous suicide” is far more appropriate that “genocide”. Unless, of course, we conclude that white man’s products are the poisons being provided to assist natives in killing themselves. Even then, it’s a stretch to claim it’s genocide. Nobody is forcing them to drink and drug themselves to death.

  3. You wanna move here from a dry reserve?

    Mandatory swimming lessons!

    Its the same old bullshit day in day out. Sorry Ive lost my patience and my compassion.
    Get sober
    Get a job
    or back to the reserve you go.

  4. I haven’t commented in awhile. Mostly because Pino blocks my comments. BUT, if anyone believes in this sh#t, you’re as stupid as the idiot that hung the bedsheet.

  5. Ok then where would you like them to be thrown. Three quarters of them need a bath. If they throw them in the dirt which most of the are they only are going to get dirtier.

  6. The moron who made up that sign should be charged with slander, libel and public mischief. And he should also be required to publically apologize not only to the police but to the citzens of Thunder Bay. It is BS like this that is causing our city to be in the news with one sided accusations of racism. I wont hold my breathe though because those ignorant scumbags never admit any wrongdoing.

  7. if everybody scared about getting thrown in the river, stay the hell away from it, there must be other places to drink! LIKE HOME MAYBE!!!

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