(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A REAL Concerned Citizen has reached out to our news complex and informed us of what they saw unfold around 10:00 pm this evening.

The woman was in Shoppers Drug Mart located at the corner of Red River and Junot around 9:54 pm to pick up some eyelashes for her class tomorrow when she noticed a girl talking to an employee in the cosmetics department.


Our source did not have any reason to be concerned and went about her business. She paid for her things and exited the store.

As she was walking to her car, she heard footstep noises consistent with someone running, so she turned around to see what was going on.

The girl that was speaking with the employee in the cosmetic department was running away from the store while carrying a box as an employee stood at the door with a “What the f***?” look on her face.


The woman and her boyfriend both witnessed the woman running from the store. The lady tells us she would have considered chasing after the woman, but she is currently menstruating and did not feel up to the task at that moment.

She waited around for a bit in anticipation of providing police with a statement of what she had seen, but after a short time, no police had arrived so she decided to leave as she has class tomorrow.

Theft is a contributing factor to the rising costs of the products people purchase. Coming forward with information that helps solve these crimes of opportunity will help mitigate the ever-increasing price tags on your favourite items.

If you or anyone has any information about the woman who ran from the store with stolen items, please contact the Thunder Bay Police Service at 807-684-1200.

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can also reach out to Crime Stoppers via their website at



  1. Hahaha she was menstruating….Uhhh TOO MUCH INFO! I do appreciate your attention to detail but did we REALLY need to know she wasraggin’ it?!

  2. Excuse of the year!!!! Also, inflation in the real reason for the rising cost of my favourite products, not petty thefts.

  3. You will find that the grab and run scenarios by thieves are having there effect at retailers across town. Superstore now have one way no exit gates at the entrance. Grab and go is very common in this store. Witnessed this myself a few times. This is why they have staff manning the liquor aisle. Seen the staff ask patron to put booze back get there groceries and cone back for the booze, they then just leave the store.Canadian tire has gotten rid of the self checkout probably for the same reason , too easy for thieves to walk right through.

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