Shoppers Drug Mart Security Guard Charged


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The Thunder Bay Police Service officers were dispatched to the Shoppers Drug Mart at 1186 Memorial Avenue just before 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 3 following reports of a theft.

During the investigation police learned that a possible assault linked to this incident may have occurred.


Police conducted multiple witness interviews and reviewed video footage of an altercation between a youth and a security guard.

Following this, and after reviewing other evidence, officers have charged the security guard with Assault Causing Bodily Harm.

The accused, a 29-year-old Thunder Bay man, has been released with a future court date of March 22, 2019.


The charges against the accused have not been sworn in by the courts so the Thunder Bay Police Service cannot release his identity.

Source: TBPS


48 Replies to “Shoppers Drug Mart Security Guard Charged”

  1. To all you morons who said the guard did nothing wrong, said great work, beautiful work…I told you that you were stupid, you argued stupid arguments. See how the law works? Ignorant morons. BEAUTIFUL WORKS COURTS!!!! Hope this horrible garbage human of a security guard learned his lesson.

    1. So far he has only been charged not convicted. I think he went outside his boundaries yes however, this kid was resisting this is not an easy job by any means, the kid isn’t hurt, he didn’t punch him in the face and crack his head open. This world has become way too sensitive. I am sorry your bum got hurt by this Chuckles,

  2. I kind of figure this fellow would be “thrown under the bus” as it were. Trying to do his job and this is his reward. If I was a security guard at Shoppers I would probably just smile and look the other way.

    1. Laura, your ignorance knows no bounds. The security guard was not doing his job lol. His job is to call the police not manhandle people. People like Laura are what’s wrong with Thunder Bay. They need to be educated but sadly I don’t think that’s possible.

    2. Actually meat heads like chuckles are what is wrong with Thunder Bay. Idiots that protect and pander to the criminals need exactly what THIS THIEF GOT, A GOOD SMACK DOWN…not the idiotic baby comments like and gloves from the make me wanna chuckupster..

      The criminal also in this town know all to we’ll that once they get to the door …they bug you no more….

  3. That charge should never fly. Tb police are so scared of being called racist that they will do anything now to make the media happy.
    However, the judges also have to make the politicians happy so unless this security guard gets a gladu report, he just might get convicted.

    1. I’m not surprised our Indigenous Police Chief is laying charges , she has to look like she’s not playing race favorites to appease the squeaky wheels .

    2. Chuckles, If you would take the time to review the relevant sections of the Criminal Code you would read that a security guard acting under the authority of the property owner may arrest anyone that they witness committing a crime and using reasonable force if necessary to detain that person until police can be summoned. In fact anyone may make a citizens arrest if they witness a person committing an indictable offence and shoplifting (theft under $5000) can proceed by indictment. In this case I presume the police assume the force used to detain the suspect was excessive but the decision to proceed with a charge is the prerogative of the Crown Attorney and not the police so we shall see where this goes. I would add that the wisest choice for the security guard would have been to simply let the culprit go and call the police with any identifying information and not try to affect an arrest given the violent resistance he encountered when he attempted to do so.

    3. Our city will change dramatically, if the security guard is convicted. This will mean that anyone can steal anything, and not be detained at all. The price of stuff is going to rocket – the companies involved can not endure losses due to stolen stuff forever.

  4. I am irritated and pissed off. The guard should not have been charged… and now because he has all stpres might as well just get rid of security because now none of them are going to wanna do there jobs for fear of retribution. Rediculous whole situation is rediculous.

  5. This will please half the Sheeples.
    This will Outrage half the people.

    From now on, just let them take the sh%t. It’s the stores loss.

    However, If I EVER caught one of theses fine citizens anywhere near my possessions stealing, I’d be calling the ambulance, NOT the Police.

  6. Not sure on this guys mode of thinking .You cannot do anything to a shoplifter until they leave the store.Also,what is with the handcuffs? Then of course,is the excessive force.This guy did too much wrong here.Who trained this guy?

  7. And the shoplifter was charged with …….. Now it’s going to be a free-for-all shoplifting spree for every scumbag out there .

  8. Throwing the kid down like a ragdoll was over the top.
    The security guard should have told the Shoppers worker to call the police.
    If the thief was the security guards size (and age),maybe things would be different.

    1. You should watch the video. What happens at the 1.5 minute mark (1:30-ish). The thief has changed the dynamics of the situation completely, and I believe the security guard responded appropriately.

      The takedown was not the security guard’s first club out of the bag.

  9. One can still do ones job effectively without resorting to excessive force. There are a few security officers out there who act like supercops. Police officers are now being charged regularly when they cross the line. This guy could have just as easily restrained the shoplifter until police arrived, but chose to show how tough he is. Gives security people a bad name.

  10. As a store clerk myself, this greatly concerns me. I’ve followed the law and reported shoplifters to the police as they leave the store dozens of times but nothing ever gets done and no one ever gets charged and the theft continues.

    The impact of shoplifting trickles down to everyone, it results in increased pricing to recover lost revenue and worst case scenario scenario it results into cutting hours for employees. Many stores often lose upwards of 4 figures a month due to theft, which is a noticeable discrepancy to any head office bean counters.

    Was this guard excessive in his detainment? Yes, but in my opinion…. in law only. This just sent a clear message to all the scumbag thieves in this town that it’s ‘open for business’ on five finger discounts. No security guard in town will dare try to detain anyone now.

    Go ahead, call me a racist. Didn’t mention natives once untill now (I am also part native myself) and for the record it’s mostly white people who steal from my store.

  11. this is f**ked up,
    guy does his job and ets charged, the kid was clearly resisting and he did what he had to do to restrain him. this was not excessive, if you thin k this is excessive you should go watch how the police handle people that do this same resisting,
    this gaurd was paid to protect the establishment and did just that and now he has lost not only this job but his whole career over this bullshit, once charged his security license will be revoked.
    and for the dumbasses who dont know, security gaurds go for special training to be allowed to use handcuffs in these situations and stores.
    loblaws specifically asked for this when hiring the security company..
    im so tired of all this race bullshit in this town, if this kid was white, this gaurd wouldve just got a congratulatins for doing ur job handshake, but becuase he was indiginous now he has to seek out a whole new career path becuase of a bunch on whiney little babies who cant take responsability for thier own actions…

    come on my property and steal somthing, i promise ill slam you ten times harder than this guy did.. f**kin scum bags!!

  12. i personally will never buy anything at any shoppers or anything owned by lolaws again, this is dispicable, this guy was doing his job, the kid got what he deserved… cry baby’s getting their way again!!!

    if they cant stand up for thier employee's i want nothing to do with them.
    my family gets over $1400/m in medication and we will be switching to another pharmacy from now on…
    screw you shoppers!!

    1. 1400 a month in medication isnt something to be proud of

      Security guard did nothing wrong and I will shop more at shoppers for just this reason and shake this guys hand and tell him he’s doing an awesome job if I ever see him

    2. @Joe, u make no sense, you think im proud of My medicatiosn, im not but its neccessities to live,
      you will not be able to shake this guys hand becuase they fired him and he has been charged so therefore can no longer hold a security license, shoppers screwed him over..

      i think you just misunderstood me. i am on the side of the secuirty gaurd.

    3. I will gladly boycott these stores along with Gary. Why hire security guards if they just stand there which I would now do after seeing this guy tossed under the bus. But if I ever take up stealing it is going to be Shoppers and Loblaws I will visit.

  13. Bleeding heart libtards treating this guard likes he’s George Zimmerman or something.. I hope the guard is reminded of his limitations and to keep his a** in check, but to punish him above a warning is wrong.

  14. Is it just me or is this way less aggressive than the cop slapping the person tied down who didn’t get charged? Not saying either is right or wrong

  15. Very sad day on top of other sad days. Thunder Bay has gone to the dogs….crime is rampant. Criminals are treated with kid gloves and police/security are under constant scrutiny. I moved away from the city for just those reasons. The security guard IMHO used as much force as necessary to contain the situation…the punk was resisting case closed. I hope the court sees it this way but with all the political correctness going on these days, I am worried they may not and for all the wrong reasons. Chuckles I just don’t understand your logic….you are either a crook yourself or you don’t live in the real world. I hope you or members of your family don’t become victims of any of the senseless crime that is happening in Thunder Bay right now…if you do you may sing a different tune.

  16. Dear Mr. Chuckles,

    Cram your ‘moron’ accusation up your anus. You are about as wise as you are literate. A charge has been laid and no conviction or sentence has been issued. Please stop consuming Liquid Draino because metaphorically speaking, shit is beginning to back up through your mouth. Now please go take your fingers that you so desperately need to text with and flip through a dictionary or a law book and read what a ‘charge’ is all about. Also, look up the word ‘yutz’.

  17. Laura Laura Laura…I’m shaking my head at your absolute lack of reading comprehension. “Reasonable force” this was unnecessary force. Thank you for proving EXACTLY why this guard is being charged lol. Gotta love it when the trolls(Laura, bubba) prove themselves wrong in their own comments. Beautiful works courts!!!

    1. Chuckles, I don’t live under a bridge so your inane name calling is incorrect LOL.
      The courts not the Police nor comments from this peanut gallery will decide the reasonableness of the force used in this instance. This is not the first time that TBPS have inappropriately charged a person but I hope that this decision to charge the security person was not politically motivated. Again I urge you to read the relevant sections of the criminal code re use of force to effect an arrest and desist from name calling and foul language.

  18. im gonna start makeing flys for around the shelterhouse letting all homeless eople know they can get free food and necceccitys from shoppers anytime they need it….

    this is rediculous, its now a free for all to all crimals to steal from theses places, and in return we will all be screwed over by them raising prices to cover thier loss..

    i am with garry me and my whole familly are boycotting shoppers aswell..
    the more the marrier, anyone else jumping on the bandwagon??

  19. Just Left One of our local shoopers, had to see if it was true, i stole soemthing and announced it to the gaurd when walking out that i wasnt paying for it and all he said was you cant do that, i walked right out and they did nothing to stop me…
    (returned about 10 mins later and gave the item back)
    so now this has been proven that security gaurds are afraid of doing thier jobs,

    1. Oh My God !! While I sort of don’t approve of you doing this, I am also glad that you did this experiment. This arrest has changed the way everyone is going to react, and that won’t be for the good.

      Prices will go up on everything !
      Thieves will become bullies too – there is no one who is going to stop them now.

      Bad call for the Crown Attorney I believe,.

  20. Boycoting all shoppers and loblaw stores aswell..
    my imidiete family and some of my friends and extended family will be also joning me.’
    will be continuing to recruit more people to boycot with us!

  21. Can everyone please turn your spell check on? I found myself correcting spelling errors more than reading the comments.

  22. also boycotting all shoppers stores,
    Its downright disgraceful that this security guard is biegn treated this way all becuase of the police bieng afraid someone is going to (or already has in this case) cry racism.
    this town is becoming more of a joke day by day.
    everyone is equal, all criminals should be treated equal, you shouldnt get away with shit cause the police are afraid of bieng called racists, nor should someone elses future be put in jepordy over this shit too (like it is for this security guard).
    rediculous is what this whole situation is…
    next time i need somehting im just gonna go to shoppers and walk out with it…
    and if anyone says anything im just gonna start shouting about them bieng racist, monkey see monkey do right?.

  23. “If a security guard is guarding property and is authorized by the owner of the property or the person in lawful possession of the property, they may make an arrest for any criminal offence that is committed on or in relation to the property, as long as the security guard witnessed the offence being committed.”

    Loblaws clearly stated this is NOT their policy nor do they condone it, in their statement to the press. As an employee or as a contractor, it was the security guard’s responsibility to be knowledgeable of the corporation’s policy. The security guard disregarded corporate policy and disregarded the law. All he had to do was call police and give the description, have them banned from entering in future. The end. You can no more make charges stick to someone with mental disabilities/brain injury than you can to someone suffering from dementia, so he basically wasted the police officers time, court time and screwed himself over in the process.

  24. I don’t think anyone should be surprised with what has taken place with this incident and the result of the police charging the security guard. LET’S NOT FORGET THE SCATHING REVIEW THE O.I.P.R.D. GAVE THE THUNDER BAY POLICE AND THE ADDITIONAL MILLION DOLLARS PROVIDED FOR EXTRA TRAINING FOR THE THUNDER BAY POLICE TO PREVENT FUTURE RACISM AND FIX THEIR CURRENT “WIDE SPREAD” RACISM ISSUES”(personally I think the O.I.P.R.D has it all wrong, but….)
    So of course the police are walking on eggshells (as we all are) when it comes to any issues relating to the native culture.
    I personally am disgusted that this guard was charged over the incident. I mean who do you think is going to want to be a security guard at Shoppers/Loblaws in the future after watching them throw him under the bus for performing the job they paid him to do. Did they provide him personally a set of their rules and conditions or did they provide this to the company the guard is employed by who signed the contract. Regardless this whole incident is ridiculous and just a small picture of what we can expect for our future not only in Thunder Bay but in Canada as well.

  25. Let’s all boycott shoppers! Let’s all start a revolution!
    No matter what race you come from we can all do this together and have our voices being heard.
    We are finally all standing together, United as a community.
    Whether you agree with the security guards actions or whether you disagree with the security guard actions you can finally all make up your lil minds and stand together United as a community.


    Yours truly

    We are the champions!!

  26. you all missed the point… none of these types have internet or follow news. none of the criminals you all mention will care either way . theft will continue and there will not be an increase or decline due to this case no matter the outcome. the increase will be caused by the same influences that cause this behavior, (too numerous to mention). see it report it, get involved , don’t get involved., no matter. if one of the bystanders that had their cameras going would have assisted it would have been a better outcome for both parties. put down your phone and walk a mile

    1. dam right we do, unfortunatly most people in this city are all talk no action…
      moved here form down east about a year ago and never realized how many p**sy’s lived up here lol

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