Security Guard Neck Cut at County Fair LCBO


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Details are thin at this moment on what unfolded to cause a serious presence by police and paramedics late this afternoon in the north side.

Members of the Thunder Bay Police Service, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue and Superior North EMS responded to a call for service to the LCBO that sits snuggly up beside the First Nation owned Landmark Hotel.


Witnesses in the area have told us that there was a scuffle with a theft in progress. During the altercation, the security guard was then shoved into some glass that broke. As with recent situations in Thunder Bay, security guards cannot properly defend themselves or the stores they are supposed to. There were two criminals, male and female, both indigenous.

The security guard was assaulted and got sent to the hospital shortly after as per the health and safety code.

32-year-old Christopher James Waswa (pictured) has been arrested and charged with Robbery. He appeared in court on Tuesday and was remanded into custody.


The female involved in this altercation did not appear in court this morning and we await an update on her status.

The security guards injuries were described as “minor”.

An official from the LCBO at Dawson Road admitted there was an incident but would not elaborate. That location is currently closed as the time of this Article being written.

Anyone with videos or pictures of this scene is asked to please contact us at


16 Replies to “Security Guard Neck Cut at County Fair LCBO”

  1. Only a matter of time before one of these thieving alcoholic winos seriously hurt someone during their heists. Security guard should be provided with and allowed to use billy sticks, tasers and bear spray to deter these lowlife scum bags.

    Was the perpetrator ever apprehended and charged?

    1. would have been nice to have those inventions centuries ago? billy sticks, bear spray and tasers would have come handy then too! Fully agree with you 100%

  2. What do you have to say ab this Chief Collins or Fiddler. Any apology coming to the guard your people hurt ? I really doubt it. You have never apologized for anything yet. But you are quick to demand things. No reconciliation to the injured guard ?

    1. 100% right, they just rake in the taxpayers cash, USELESS! This is attempted murder, treat it that way, 15 yrs of prison “justice”

  3. Right On BAILEY!!!!!!!!!!
    You know what else???????? We would never have heard the end of it if the guard had even so much as touched one of the perps in an attempt to protect the premises he was supposed to. We would be paying up the wazoo for that touch. What am I saying?? We are paying up the wazoo now for everything, and people don’t forget “EVERYTHING IS OUR FAULT”, which is why we are paying for everything.
    I am really glad his injuries are minor though he should not have any injuries at all.
    Please post if Chief Collins or Fiddler makes any attempt at all to apologize. We all need to see that.

  4. Security Guards cannot properly defend themselves?? What sort of training and tools are they provided before being put into the line of duty? Sounds like a failure of their employer and contract. Ridiculous to lay the blame at the feet of Collins or Fiddler! Comments like “…your people hurt…” is absolutely putting ‘fuel on the fire’ and adding zero intelligence to the issues at hand. Figures!!

  5. Come on you guys, be more understanding. I’m sure that 32 year old has seen a lot of things in his life and didn’t know it was wrong to steal booze and throw a security guy through a window. He also was probably VERY thirsty or maybe his girlfriend was. Or he needed to steal the booze for her so that way he could get lucky with her later on and produce a nice normal health child. Let’s face it guys, NOTHING is going to happen to this guy because at the end of the day his actions are going to be blamed on anything and everything else. It’s absolutely disgraceful, disgusting, and a complete abomination, but it is the truth and we all may as well get use to it because these jagoffs will not be changing anytime soon. Also a LCBO attached to a hotel owned by them? They need to bulldoze that LCBO down and build it a little farther out of town or somewhere you have to drive to because it’s much to close to county park, blutcher, all those hellholes that are filled with problem people.

  6. These ppl look like idiots. Do they think they are big time gangsta?! Get a job you entitled parasites.
    What have you got to be proud of?
    You all look absurd with tough guy image attempts on your looks. You are in THUNDER BAY-CANADA for Christ sake!

  7. Liquor stores have become a scary place. A few times I went in to get a bottle of wine and did not feel safe at all. Once a security guard offered to walk me to my car because of the sketchy guy outside trying to get money from everyone and flipping around like a weirdo freak. I like the odd glass of wine but I just received an order of a few bottles from LCBO (you can order online) and I’m very happy to not have to go to the Thunder Bay liquor stores!

  8. These people started lower down on the scale then you and I . We probably had ok to good parents, appropriate schooling and support. We are definitely a ” leg up” on these sad folks.
    This problem was created long ago and will continue until the root causes are dealt with. Right here and now however these types, who really aren’t on a level playing field with the average person , will be around causing situations. Throwing them in the clink and striped suntans will not do any good…not sure what will…nope I don’t have any solutions. Its youngsters out there now I fear for, they need good parenting. The problem is this rube is probably ( not)doing that.

    1. Treating them with kid gloves has done NOTHING but enable them. Also I don’t care how LOW on the ladder a person started off on, it’s simple right and wrong, and if you cannot figure that out by 8 years old the person is hopeless! Never get a job. Never do anything but sponge off the government just to drink, do drugs and cause trouble. And if anyone is going to sit here and make excuses for these losers maybe you can take them into your house and start putting up with their craps and paying their way! Until them go bang your head off a wall until things start making sense for crying out loud!

  9. I saw this grease bag around town wearing a shirt that said decolonize Canada I take that as a direct attack on my country bad idea whoever made those shirts. I hope he gets his shit pushed in when he gets to jail. No mercy.

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