RIVER RESCUE: Drunks and Drowning at the McIntyre

(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The area surrounding the McIntyre Floodway in Thunder Bay, especially downstream from Confederation College is overwhelmingly populated by people abusing alcohol and drugs.
This evening, a group of drunk people were enjoying drunken activities along the river when an incident unfolded.
A drunken woman ended up in the river and struggling to stay afloat. A 911 call was made requesting first responders to recover the woman from the murky waters.
Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service were first to arrive on location. A brave, hard-working officer recovered the woman from the river.
It was quickly confirmed that the woman had been consuming an abundance of alcohol prior to her entering the floodway.
Paramedics with Superior North Emergency Medical Services assessed the woman and transported her to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centres Emergency Department where she will wear off her hangover while being monitored by the overworked and under-appreciated medical staff.
First responders are constantly saving peoples lives from ending due to drunken slips into the McIntyre floodway. It appears that there have not been any plans put in place to deter this dangerous behaviour that is occurring on the banks of the McIntyre. TBPS has increased their presence along the river in an effort to reduce the likelihood of lives being lost due to this risky behaviour.
Share your ideas on how our city can put an end to this seemingly never-ending river problem that is making our city look bad on the national stage.

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