RIVER RESCUE: Drunks and Drowning at the McIntyre


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The area surrounding the McIntyre Floodway in Thunder Bay, especially downstream from Confederation College is overwhelmingly populated by people abusing alcohol and drugs.
This evening, a group of drunk people were enjoying drunken activities along the river when an incident unfolded.
A drunken woman ended up in the river and struggling to stay afloat. A 911 call was made requesting first responders to recover the woman from the murky waters.
Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service were first to arrive on location. A brave, hard-working officer recovered the woman from the river.
It was quickly confirmed that the woman had been consuming an abundance of alcohol prior to her entering the floodway.
Paramedics with Superior North Emergency Medical Services assessed the woman and transported her to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centres Emergency Department where she will wear off her hangover while being monitored by the overworked and under-appreciated medical staff.
First responders are constantly saving peoples lives from ending due to drunken slips into the McIntyre floodway. It appears that there have not been any plans put in place to deter this dangerous behaviour that is occurring on the banks of the McIntyre. TBPS has increased their presence along the river in an effort to reduce the likelihood of lives being lost due to this risky behaviour.
Share your ideas on how our city can put an end to this seemingly never-ending river problem that is making our city look bad on the national stage.


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  1. Maybe clearing the shore line is not such s great idea. Makes approaching the water too easy….
    I remember it being impossible to get the the river 15 + years ago when I had a dog… with tons of sapling blocking access…

  2. Here’s my idea as to how we can prevent this from happening in the future.
    STOP selling the booze to these people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. There’s 2 options:
    1) Refuse the sale of alcohol to degenerates.
    2) Relocate the LCBO / Beer store to a safe distance away from the Mcintyre floodway.

    1. Here’s a great option: drink responsibly. As in, not in a public place and away from waterways. Why do the majority have to suffer the stupidity of a few? This is beyond ridiculous! Why should any business have to relocate because of irresponsible people; why should tax dollars be spend putting lights up around every source of water; don’t even get me started about cameras and drones. Give your head a shake people and grow up. Finally, before anyone goes off half cocked about addiction. plenty of addicts, both drugs and alcohol, manage to be addicts at home, in the shelter or safe injection sight, why can’t the folks that think its acceptable to do it around waterways?

  4. Preventing the “river problem”, will only serve to shift it to a different location. The problem in Thunder Bay, can never be reversed. It is far too late for that. It used to be such an amazing place to live. If you don’t agree, get out of your back yard for a while, then come back and see what you think.

  5. Blame The government of Canada for this ongoing problem, they are all puppets who take orders from the people that actually run this country .
    This problem will never go away, because there are very wealthy powers that be, who just love hatred, racial division, violent, ongoing conflict etc.
    There is more than enough wealth in the country of Canada so everybody is taken care of, Time to take this country back, get rid of these corrupt puppets, and tell the puppet masters,no more! This simulation we live in, needs to be broken once and for all.

  6. I believe that drinking alcoholic beverages in public is illegal, at least it used to be. If the police start handing out a simple ticket and confiscating the alcohol, it might help. We all see these people drinking alcohol all over this city… Time to put a stop to it.

  7. Here’s an idea!! QUIT SAVING THEM!! No exactly rocket science!! Focus police services, ems, fire and hospital people on people that actually need….. and pay for the services with their hard earned tax dollars!!

  8. Bill Westley for the most part I am with you on that one, but on the other hand it would be nice for people to go out for evening walks or take their dogs for a walk without coming upon these yahoos who often like to give others a hard time if they are not there drinking also. I really don’t have an answer how to resolve this issue I just know that it is shameful that our hardworking police have to spend a great deal of their time and effort dealing with these people over and over and not making a dent in the situation. Then there’s the hardworking EMS staff who god knows what they have to deal with daily with these people and then if that is not bad enough they have to then haul their drunken or drugged asses to the hospital to sleep it off or get their stomachs pumped or whatever medical attention they need only to turn around and do the same thing if not the next day then within a few days. I am sure many of the EMS personnel know most of these people. That is the part that bothers me the most. As for how we can fix Thunder Bay, I am not sure we can at this point but there are certainly some things I believe can be done to clean it up somewhat but there is not enough space here for me to list my thoughts on this. One thing I will say though is that the City needs to start somewhere, sometime and I suggest very soon.

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