RESCUED: Dogs Saved From Dawson Road Home


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A person had passed away and their family reported a number of dogs in the range of 40 to 60, that were abused, malnourished and suffering immensely.

The dogs were said to be left in the basement of a home in the 2500 block of Dawson Road for an unknown amount of time.

A group of animal rescuers claim that a number of people knew about the conditions the dogs were living in for a significant amount of time but failed to do anything. The dogs included Pekingese and Shih-tzus.

Donald Baxter posted on Facebook that our local OSPCA and city bylaw officers appeared to not proceed with any level of an investigation unless there was a witness that was recent enough for them. It took a combined effort by the Northern Reach Rescue Network, Paws for Love Dog Rescue, Toronto Humane Society and others to get the dogs out of the home.

16 of the dogs were sent to the Toronto Humane Society where they were placed on antibiotics and fluids in an effort to save their lives. Two of them had paws amputated and some may lose their vision due to severe eye infections.

This Dawson Road home was a clear case of hoarding according to officials. They say that when they went in the home, the smell of urine overwhelmed their face masks and pierced their noses. Dog rescue volunteers say that this is the worst case they have ever seen. The dogs suffered in very tight, confined spaces in roughly two-foot by two-foot areas. Every single dog was drenched in their own urine and feces as well as being disturbingly matted. One of the dogs had to be shaved and went from 6.9 pounds to 5.9 pounds after the matts were removed.

Two of the dogs are being fostered by Adopt a Mutt dog rescue and six dogs are with Paws for Love locally, while the rest have been sent to three different animal agencies in southern Ontario to be rehabilitated and integrated into adoptions.

The dogs are being fed and taken care of with extra love. Most of the dogs are already playing and engaging in normal animal activities and are hopeful to make a complete recovery.



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  1. Sick to my stomach! Humane society of Thunder Bay should be ashamed and held accountable. My dog recently died of brain cancer and she was loved and cared for for 17 years! This is pathetic just like our judicial system. Pino, please add an open forum to your website or dedicate a portion for those that feel there is inadequate care for animals! My god…the ignorance of government funded foundations is appalling! Just sick. Sick!

  2. Omg this is beyond sad!!! I’m a animal lover kind of person and this breaks my heart!! I hope they shaved each and every one of these dogs right down to the skin so they can have a fresh start. As for all the people that apparently knew about his and said nothing I have to ask. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ALL OF YOU?? I personally know someone (neighbor) that lives in a tiny house that is FILLED with junk (hoarding situation) NEVER cleaned properly, mopped with a disgusting old mop and half the time the water is old and she just keeps adding bleach because she is too lazy to dump it out and start fresh. The main reason they mop is only to sop up dog piss because the dogs aren’t house broke even being between 3-10 years old, they will go outside and as soon as they are I’m the house they piss EVERYWHERE! It’s a 750sq foot home, 9 dogs…what’s worse is she breeds them thinking they are some special breed when they are just small inbred hienz 57 nothings that don’t have their shots and she will sell them for $500-$600 to people that don’t know better!! The house is hardly fit animals yet she lives there…in complete filth and squalor. She has had complainants in the past and nothing has happened and I’m tired of getting involved. The dogs aren’t in as bad of shape as the ones in the pictures above but they aren’t healthy and she keeps letting them breed and they are all 100% related at this point. I understand that mental illness and hoarding goes hand in hand but the family should really step in and do or say something! It’s disgusting! The house, the situation, all of it!!

    1. Nancy, I hope you’ve reported this person to the new PAWS welfare agency or if they’re in the city call City of TBay Animal Services and talk to them about it. The only problem with the city is they require you to give your name, number address etc so many people don’t put in complaints because they’re afraid of retaliation and would rather stay anonymous.

    2. You are going on about how the people who knew about this and did nothing are horrible and should be held accountable.. but then you go on and on about how your neighbor is hoarding and has dogs in similar circumstances for a long period of time… have you reported them? Or done anything about it?

  3. The OSPCA knew about this since 2017!!! MANY attempts were made to get the dogs help and they would not do. They said they went to the home but there was “no evidence” for them to get a warrant. They had to have a recent witness!! REALLY????? There was piles of trash out front and the smell and barking should have been enough. The system must change. The owner needed help for herself and her dogs. It is a horrific tragedy for all. The owner died likely from living in those conditions. I hope this will get investigated. I believe the OSPCA knew the family members of the owner who actually are dog rescuers and there must have been a willfully blind eye to spare her any troubles! I hate to say such a thing but how in the world could this not be fixed years ago? It is a tragedy for all. I hope the dogs will get healthy and happy and hope the family will find peace for their great loss.


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