Purple Down Overdose and Narcan Blasts on Heron Street


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – This evening, a soiree was taking place in the 300 block of Heron Street where some delightful people were enjoying themselves.

It appears someone may have dipped a little too deep into the purple down, resulting in them not breathing and their heart basically stopping.


Panic ensued and a 911 call was made which summoned all three branches of our local first responders.

Members of Superior North EMS, Thunder Bay Fire & Rescue and Thunder Bay Police Service responded to the call.

Narcan shots were blasted into the half-dead victim and after extensive and intense CPR was given, they regained consciousness. They were sent to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre’s Emergency Department where they will be monitored by the wonderful and talented staff until they are given the all-clear to go back into the public.


Are you sick of suddenly waking up being surrounded by first responders demanding to know what drug you took? Reach out to the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre and ask the good, loving, non-judgemental people there about how you can get moving in the direction of sobriety. What do you have to lose? Dial 807-684-1880 today.

Narcan is a drug that when administered, temporarily reverses opiate overdose symptoms. It does not “absorb” drugs out of your body. When Narcan wears off in about 10-15 minutes, the drugs affect returns and people are at risk of overdosing again. Always call 911 when you suspect someone is overdosing.


9 Replies to “Purple Down Overdose and Narcan Blasts on Heron Street”

    1. you are a fucking idiot , like where is your head at, truly you think that people should die because they are addicts like addiction dosent happen over night there is always trauma and mental health involved as well. Someday you are gonna feel first hand what its like to have a family member or someone you love die from an overdose and we will see if your still judging then!

    2. Not an idiot by any means Kyle. I just have no sympathy whatsoever for druggers and alcoholics.

      Had a brother who put the whole family through hell during his drugging and drinking years. He spent a total of over 20 years behind bars for crimes associated with his drug problem.

      One can only be burned so many times before giving up completely. Time after time after time he disappointed and shamed the family. He died young and before his time due to drugs. When he did, the family was more relieved than saddened. Would have been better for all if it had happened sooner.

      So, Kyle, I’m still in Darwin’s corner when it comes to anyone who “chooses” to indulge in highly addictive drugs.

      Put a bullet in the chamber, spin the cylinder and pull the trigger. Do it often enough and your number will come up.

    3. You know what? Just because you didn’t love your brother doesn’t mean other people don’t love the person in their lives who is an addict. It doesn’t mean your story is the same as anyone else’s. Maybe if you had been raised to love others you would understand that people are in pain for different reasons. Too bad you weren’t raised with love.

    4. Shoomer:

      Nope. You’re totally wrong.

      Grown people know when it’s time to to cut their losses. Decades of pain, sorrow, sadness, fear and shame tend to erode the “love”.

      You must be very young and very naive. Let life give you twenty or thirty years of being dragged over broken glass and hot coals in the name of “love”. Let’s see how you feel after that.

      I suspect you be singing a different tune.

  1. There is NOT always trauma and mental health involved, there is ALWAYS choice and some people choose. I have had loved ones die from addiction and I judged them, help is available to those who WANT it, you don’t want it you don’t get it. The free availability of Narcan just allows them to “push” the envelope so they keep using. End of story.

  2. All you bleeding hearts defending all those crackheads and other useless junkies must be high on crack too because you can not think rationally. If drug addiction wasnt always a choice everyone would be high. The problem is some people make bad choices and it ends up ruining not only their lives but affecting the lives of their family and friends too. Finally
    giving up on someone who wont accept any help is not abandonning them or not loving them. It is about realizing you are NOT responsible for someone elses behavior even if they are genetically linked to you. It is about not permitting them to destroy your life along with their own and preserving your own sanity by letting them go. Plain and simple. Unfortunately the society we now live in has far too many lazy, irresponsible ,selfish, me first, the world owes me a living, carcasses wandering about. They are the ones who choose dependancy over independancy. Normal humans are not born as addicts sadly only the kids of a junkie are born that way and those babies get treated. A person may be raised in that environment but there is help if a junkie really wants it. However it requires a great deal of effort and determination to give up ANY addiction as any one who has been there and succeeded will tell you. Too many of them wont change their behavior because it is far easier to be a career junkie than a recovering addict.

    1. Iamdone:

      Well said.

      I suspect many of these defenders of drug addicts are likely addicts themselves. There’s no shortage of welfare scamming dopers in Dumpster Bay.

      As the saying goes: Birds of a feather……..


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