Public Health Inspector Closes “Odd Fellows”


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A building, notorious for drug overdoses, violence and drug trafficking has been shut down today.

A sign posted on the outside of the south side wound known as the “Odd Fellows” building states that a public health inspector has closed down the building.


Our source in the area tells us that the Red Cross was at the building earlier today, helping residents of the apartment building find new places to stay temporarily.

People who frequented the inside claim that the building was in disrepair and overrun with numerous criminals and criminal activity.

Now that the building has been closed down, it likely has a chance to be cleaned up, fixed up, and become a positive in the south side core.


We are working hard to obtain precise details surrounding what lead up to the building being shut down.


5 Replies to “Public Health Inspector Closes “Odd Fellows””

  1. that owner will not clean it up ,he used to own roby’s where the new court house is now.Just another slum landlord

  2. A chance to be cleaned up and renovated………. more likely a homeless matchstick/ urban renewal . Example The west , the empire , the Simpson ,

  3. Why did it take so long to shut that stinking hole down? Not like it hasn’t been that way for some time.

    Knock it down. One less place for the rats to hole up.

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