PUBLIC ADVISORY: Convicted Sex-Offender Roaming Free


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Convicted sex-offender, 71-year-old Michael Bewcyk is out freely roaming around Thunder Bay.

Today, an unfortunate event happened where he was on the same city bus as the mother of a child he was alleged to have attempted to kidnap.


Bewcyk has also faced numerous other charges including sexual assault, child pornography and breaching a court order which limited his access to children.

He is court-ordered not to be alone with children or have any position of trust over children.

Further, his court-ordered prohibition limits him from being anywhere, where there is a reasonable expectation of children to be. This includes daycares, public swimming pools, community centres etc. Sources indicate he spends substantial time at the Midtown Inn.


Bewcyk was arrested after he breached his court-ordered prohibition to not lurk around children when he volunteered at a local church during a back-to-school function. Anyone with additional photos or information about Bewcyk are urged to contact us immediately via text at 807-355-8917 or via email at


6 Replies to “PUBLIC ADVISORY: Convicted Sex-Offender Roaming Free”

  1. This sick f**k has been listening children for year. I’ve heard story’s of the early 2000’s where he would have a young boy sneak in his basement window to play “games” with him, he would bribe him with video games etc. Also heard many other story’s of him bieng creepy and trying to lure children of both sexes,and even bieng caught by his children!! This guy is a waste of skin..

  2. Oh wow, this dudes the new Pete Loski.
    Out and about, enjoying his day after a lifetime of Convicted sexual abuse on children…
    Remember folks… be sure to vote Liberal!

  3. He hangs out the mall by the rides all the time and when security comes he hightails it out right fast.

  4. He should not be allowed to walk the streets at all. Should have been kept locked up for life. He is a danger to the children of our society. He was probably kept in PC the whole time he was in jail so that no one would go after him everyone knows what they do to these kind of people in prison and they give them what they deserve.

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