Pruden Street Mother Overdoses in Front of Son


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A sad story developed in one of the most vulnerable neighbourhoods our city has.

Sources in the area tell us that a mother in the 100-block of Pruden was smoking down today and finally did too much, throwing her into an overdose.


Her son noticed she was unresponsive and narcanned her. The mother didn’t revive so a 911 call was made.

The Narcan managed to bring the 40-something-year-old woman back to consciousness after some idle time while waiting on paramedics to arrive.

Superior North EMS paramedics took the woman to the emergency department of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre where she will be monitored for sometime before being discharged.


Narcan is available at no cost from most pharmacies, Ask your pharmacist about how you can get a free kit. Better yet, reach out to the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre about how you can sober up. Their phone number is 807-684-1880.


3 Replies to “Pruden Street Mother Overdoses in Front of Son”

  1. kudos to the kid who did the proper thing.
    Not sure how old the kid is, but surely having to bring your junky mother back to life, probably takes a toll of the kids mind.

    Depending on how much the kid has had to deal with the junkies behaviour, they might had been better off to just let nature take its course.

    Maybe next time.
    Chances are the twat won’t learn from this lesson and is already hooking to get her next fix.

  2. That child needs to be placed out of her care she or any mother doing drugs like this should never be called a mom doing that in front of her kids is sick

  3. Quite the role model there.

    Likely just another welfare scamming drug addict blowing her social assistance money on dope. Heard a welfare raise was coming due to the virus and partied a little too hardy…….


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