(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A woman that has been previously charged with second-degree murder has found herself in police custody yet again.

24-year-old Jessie Chapais was arrested on the strength of a warrant for failing to appear for court. Her previous charge is assault stemming from an August 18th incident.


Allegations are that Chapais was at St Josephs Hospital on August 18th, using a computer when she was asked to leave. Hospital staff made several demands for her to leave before she was escorted out of the building.

Chapais re-entered the building and security staff were required to attend, and upon their arrival used force to remove her from the building. That’s when Chapais struck him across the face with an open hand and scratched his right forearm during the scuffle.

She was physically restrained until police arrived.


Chapais charges are:

  • Assault
  • Failure to appear in court

The Crown tells the court that this is a reverse onus situation, which means that the accused has to show the court why they should be released. He has primary and secondary concerns as well.


Primary concerns mean that the Crown believes the likelihood of the accused to return for court is unlikely. Secondary concerns mean that the Crown believes the likelihood of the accused to re-offend or become a public safey concern is substantial.

Chapais’ criminal record contains numerous failures to comply with bail conditions and probation as well as possession of a weapon and impaired driving, among other things.

The Crown mentions how Chapais was charged with second-degree murder earlier this year, but that charge against her has since been dropped. He then indicates that these new allegations of violence are very alarming.

However, the Crown states that going up the “bail ladder” with certain conditions may enable him to consent to her release. (The “bail ladder” was defined in the Antic case, which you can read via a link at the end of this article)

The Crown pitches the following conditions on a recognizance with a $100 no deposit, no surety plan:

  • Reside at her address on Chippewa Road
  • No contact with the security guard
  • No weapons
  • Do not be within 100 metres of St Joseph’s Hospital

Duty counsel consents to these conditions, and Chapais is ordered released by Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Denette Maslach.

Chapais is sent back to her cell, where she will wait for the paperwork to be faxed over to the Thunder Bay Police Station before she is released.

Her next court date is set for December 4th.


You can read a previous article about Chapais below:


Read more about the “bail ladder” and the Antic Case here:

None of the allegations in this article have been proven in a court of law.



  1. $100 bond that is a friggen joke. This woman knows she can get away with what ever she wants she will reoffend. There is nothing to stop her she sure gets no consequences

  2. $100 and she goes free. Seriously tho she might have been at the hospital looking for help to treat her addictions.?!? Could the courts not send her to anger management? She obviously needs help and a support group.

    1. bail conditions cannot be rehabilitative in nature, they are only to ensure the victims and the public are safe. If convicted, probation would provide rehabilitative programming addressing such things as possible addictions.

  3. HAHAA!! A hundred bucks ?? 😂😂😂 Well I’m sure with that diversion in place, no crimes will be committed ! I’ll bet you a $100 !

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