(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A busy north side road is partially closed to traffic while police investigate a collision.

Witnesses to the scene tell us that a person was struck by a white pick up truck inn Dawson Road, in between Strand Ave and Highway 11/17.


Police say that the driver reported multiple people jay-walking, and the 52-year-old driver took evasive action to avoid hitting the people, but ended up hitting the woman.

The woman was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. Police say she is 21 years old.

Police have Dawson Road closed to traffic in both directions from Strand Ave to Highway 11/17z


Update: 12:30 am Friday October 19: Traffic unit is on location with two vans.

Please avoid the area, and plan a detour.

**UPDATE: 1:15 am The woman sustained serious injuries but she is alive at the moment due to the hard working paramedics, nurses, doctors and other first responders.

Photo credits: Sarah and Jessica



  1. Bound to happen, yesterday I watched two people walk against the lights at Strand making traffic stop for them.

  2. What is wrong with some people?
    A few days ago I saw someone crossing hwy 61 at Arthur St against the red light. There was a lot of traffic on hwy 61 during her adventure. I guess she expected cars travelling at highway speeds to hit their brakes to avoid her.

    Maybe Darwin on to something with his survival of the fittest (or smartest in this case) ideas.

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