Possible Fatal Overdose: Brodie Street South


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Last night shortly after 1:00 am a male in his late thirties consumed some “purple down” also known as “purp” and soon became unresponsive.
Panic’d people that were with the male, consuming drugs along side him in the same trap house, became alarmed when his lips started to turn blue as it appeared like he was sleeping. A “trap house” is a residence that has either been taken over by drug dealers for the purpose of trafficking, or a residence rented by the drug dealers for the purpose of trafficking. Often, dealers will allow users to sit around and get high provided that they refer their friends and family to purpose drugs off the dealer working that shift.
It was quickly realized that he had overdosed. The drug dealers cleared the scene and everyone with a warrant vacated the premises. It is at this point that a 911 call was made.
The male needed CPR to be performed on him immediately, but no one was willing to do that at the trap house.
Members of the Thunder Bay Police Service, Thunder Bay Fire & Rescue and Superior North EMS responded to the scene. Upon their arrival CPR was started and numerous narcan shots were. Rough estimates are that the male had been narcanned 6 times and did not revive.
He was taken to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre’s emergency department where further medical treatment was exercised. We are uncertain if he survived as our source remained at the house and doesn’t know him personally enough to follow up. “Purple Down” continued to be smoked in neighbouring units of the building.
The new cocktail drug referred to as “purple down” or “purp” is getting stronger and stronger as dealers continue to compete with each other over who has the strongest mix. The drug often contains fentanyl, carfentanil, heroin, crystal meth and dog dewormer. Having narcan on hand and administering it as soon as you notice someone becomes unresponsive is crucial to saving a life.
Ask your pharmacist about how you can get a free narcan kit. Thinking about sobering up? Reach out to the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre and ask them what programs you can get into to start your journey to sobriety. Their number is 807-684-1880.


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