(THUNDER BAY, ON) – We reported on a police presence in the 200 block of Picton Avenue last night and uncovered overnight that it was indeed a vicious assault that had taken place.

We have been monitoring the crime scene since then, which has had a steady police presence since we first picked up the story last night around 7:00 pm.


The forensics unit has just shown up around 5:00 pm today. When the forensics unit shows up, it’s often a sign that someone has died.

The forensics team was seen taking many photos of the outside of the building and some went inside.

A family member of the victim has reached out to us and told us that as of 2 hours ago he was alive and still in hospital, expected to recover.


Police say they responded to the scene shortly after 1:00 pm on Monday at 230 Picton Avenue. They located an unconscious male that was inside the unit and had serious injuries.

The victim was taken to hospital by Superior North EMS paramedics.

Police arrested 27-year-old Mark Colin Atatise (pictured) and charged him with:

  • Aggravated Assault

Word on the street is that it was his own friend that was close like a brother that he attacked.

Atatise appeared in court and was remanded into custody. If his alleged victim dies, then his charge is expected to be upgraded to manslaughter or murder.

Read our previous article about this incident here: https://thunderbay.trccnews.com/2018/11/05/picton-ave-police-presence/



  1. Another I’m sorry I was drunk story?! Seems to be a lot of these in Thunder Bay. They’ll beat/kill their husbands, wives and best friends? Alcohol is bad!!!

    1. I drink alcohol. I have yet to kill anyone. Either I’m doing something wrong or it’s the idiots that are consuming the alcohol that are doing something wrong. I’ll go with the latter.
      Just say’n’

    2. Yeah, I get fed up seeing these …. I was drunk/stoned/whatever and didn’t know what I was doing claims. Then they get a slap on the wrist and are released.

      What happened to being responsible for your actions?

  2. some people are just alcohol intolerant,
    they seem to turn completely into another person when they drink too much, nomatter what your on you need to be accountable for your actions, if your an idiot when you drink plain and simple just dont drink!!

    1. Like the great George Carlin said about a drug that the user thought “enhances your personality” … ” but what if you’re an asshole ?”

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