Dead body found at Chapples Park


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – There is a strong police presence at Chapples Park this afternoon. Tips have come to our news desk regarding this incident since noon.

It is believed the police have been at this location since this morning. Police confirmed they have been there since 11:30 am. Multiple Thunder Bay Police Service cruisers and officers are on location.


The police forensics unit was seen on location, but had left the scene shortly after we arrived. Police cruisers had the entrance to Chapples Park blocked off to vehicular traffic but pedestrians are still allowed entry.

There have been numerous missing persons reports made recently by the Thunder Bay Police Service. We can confirm at this moment, with the information we have that it is a dead body that was discovered.

Police have also confirmed this police presence is due to a passerby discovering a dead body.


Police have a substantial area taped off, and the entry way to the area is blocked by a police cruiser that is denying entry to anyone that tries to enter.

The Thunder Bay Police Service have asked the public to avoid the area until the investigation into this death is complete. There are a number of other parks for the public to utilize so please avoid Chapples Park at this time.

Residents in the Northwood area surrounding Chapples Park have told us that police have been canvassing neighbourhoods and asking people if they know anything about the situation.


We were told by a police officer on scene that this is an active crime scene, and that they are trying to figure out what had went on. The officer told me this as we were leaving the scene and he had blocked our vehicle in with his cruiser.

Anyone with information about the dead body found is asked to contact the Thunder Bay Police Service at 684-1200

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can also reach out to Crime Stoppers via their website at

We will update this article with more information as it becomes available.


11 Replies to “Dead body found at Chapples Park”

    1. Good question. Even if there are camera’s, I’ll bet it wouldn’t show anything with clarity – only who came and went.

    2. cameras only leave grainy images of the tops of peoples heads at best. Cameras are easily defeated with a hoodie, a ball cap, and sunglasses.. 2 of which are worn by the very victim in one of the photos above. Cameras in general give a false sense of security and most criminals are not afraid of them.

  1. How about setting up QUALITY cameras in areas.?
    3 dead bodies found in Chappels, id say that warrants a camera on site.
    And im not talking one of these grainy $200, the only way a person would be identified is if they walked 10 ft away and smile, crap cams either.

    There is Zero reason why some money cant be set aside to fund a project like this.
    Waaahhh, but our taxes…wahhhh but our privacy.
    Screw your privacy. You would be singing another tune if it was one of your family members found in an area that has become known for these type of incident.
    Tell those boobs now sitting as councilors were tired of this crap every month.
    Stop pissing cash away on idiocy like spray painted walls and other bs.
    We need to make our city a home again before we try to attract more people to it.
    What would the residents of thunder bay rather have – some freak statue costing a million dollars, or the means to identify scum bags committing crimes against them and their families?

    1. Just what exactly are you expecting cameras to do? They provide a terrible quality image of the tops of peoples heads. If they are mounted low enough to capture any decent facial images they will be vandalized / destroyed. A simple plastic bag over the camera, spray paint, etc.. and they are useless. Or as I said already, a cap and a hoodie and they are useless.

      On top of that, what are you even going to do with that captured image?? Youre going to??? what?? post it on the internet? who can identify so and so? We have seen how well that works already,,, it doesn’t.

      and yes, who is going to pay for these magical mystery cameras? who is going to watch them? who is going to pay for the DVRs and where will they be housed?

      To simply demand cameras and pretend that’s going to do anything meaningful is absolutely stupid. Anybody that can think a few steps ahead in life knows that this is useless. How would cameras have prevented this from happening? They cannot do a damn thing except give stupid people a false sense of security.. almost as stupid as enacting moronic gun laws that only affect people that don’t break the law to begin with. It does nothing to curb crime at all and only makes the law abiding more vulnerable.

      The truth is you cant prevent these murders / deaths/ from happening. You have no control. Nothing you do, demand or whine about can happen. The real problem is people are too politically correct to address the real problems, hell even this site wont display some comments that are too hard hitting.. if you cant or are afraid to look the problem straight in the eye and stop pretending to be offended by everything then more people will continue to die.

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