POLL: Transport in the ditch on Dawson/102 is being removed.


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – After the double whammy incident that happened last night which saw a tractor-trailer unit slam into the ditch, is now being removed.

After the transport slammed into the ditch, first responders arrived on location and started to sort out the situation. Shortly after, the driver of the transport along with two police officers, a firefighter and two paramedics were injured when a passing transport hit a waiting ambulance that was parked on the side of the road.


An officer, two paramedics and the driver of the transport were in the ambulance. A firefighter and another police officer were standing outside but near the ambulance.

Travellers are asked to exercise extra caution when passing by the wreck and the emergency responders on location. Remember to always move over and give them room to work. The roadway may be closed for a very short time.

Photo Credit: Catherine R

Nobody was seriously injured last night, as injuries were described as “minor” by the Thunder Bay Police Service.


The debate is raging on about whether cross country transports should be diverted from Highway 102/Dawson Rd to Highway 11/17, which is the Trans-Canada highway. A 43-year-old male from Port Coquitlam was charged for hitting the ambulance.


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21 Replies to “POLL: Transport in the ditch on Dawson/102 is being removed.”

  1. Yes get them off 102 most of out of town drivers with urine bottles dumped out when nobody is looking and untrained. also transports in ONTARIO only are restricted to 105 km/hr other provinces are not. it can be changed in the truck by the driver if taught how.
    when is Thunder Bay council going to get this changed And for people that say they do not get tailgated on 102 full of$@it. They try to bully you out of their way. the highway is not poorly designed it was not set up for this many transports. I have seen OPP when pulling over a passenger vehicle go to the passenger side for safety while talking to the driver What does that tell you about patrolling and pulling people over on 102 SCARY if the police are scared ?? If the so called mayor of OLIVER township years ago left it alone the harbour extension would have bypassed Kakabeka and been finished when it was cheaper but she WANTED TRAFFIC THROUGH KAKABEKA. now it will be there GOOD JOB MAYOR. THIS same mayor takes 2 – 3 weeks to return phone calls. maybe that is why Council never got ahold of her for consideration or that she caused it ALL???

    1. Police go to the passenger side on every highway… it’s not because they are scared it’s because that’s the safest thing to do on a 90km/h road! Obviously your just commenting to put your two cents in when you have no clue what your talking about. KINGS HIGHWAY 102 was designed to be a bypass for the city long before they built the 11/17 extension so all of the people complaining when they damn well knew what they were doing when they bought the house or sent their kids to school on Dawson/102. All because now some people get a bright idea to stop using a highway that was built for heavy traffic everyone thinks it’s the greatest idea ever… 11/17 is just as dangerous. Remember when the cop hit the car and killed the young women driving the car that got hit? Just like the ACCIDENTS that happen on 102 they happen on that highway so what’s gonna change? The only thing that will change is what highway the accidents happen on

  2. Trans Canada all the way…built for just that purpose…I’m sure the residential areas and developing ones and thousands of people / private vehicles don’t need to interact with hundreds of Semi units 24/7. Dawson is getting more lights and way more homes..they don’t need this or want it..can you imagine the congestion. Besides i am getting sick of reading about accidents on Hwy. 102..how these are not adding to many more deaths is just pure luck.

  3. Yes I agree last night could have killed the people that WANT to help .SPECIAL THANKS that nobody was killed REALLY THANK YOU.. I think that S corner is the worst one on 102 but to many rock cuts all the way for untrained or careful drivers of all vehicles but I think it is time to get them off 102 and on to a 4 lane highway I think opp officers will agree ALL PEOPLE WANT TO BE SAFE. PEOPLE NEVER WALK ON 102 BECAUSE OF THIS and unmaintained transport blowing a very used tire lots of problems on 102 because patrolling and pulling over vehicles is unsafe ..see the problem now ?

  4. Bad corners are on every highway, not just 102. Accidents are on all the highways. Some people are just whiners!! How can people have their license if they’re so scared to drive with every type of traffic? I guess they must not drive on any highway that has mixed traffic. Why did you move out a highway that contains traffic you’re terrified of? The transports have travelled 102 way before the development of houses boomed. And a huge LOL about the piss jugs, that must be a Dawson road problem too.

    1. Excuse me, but the problem seems to be that we have substandard roads everywhere around here. Hwy 102 was not like this 20 years ago. Kids actually rode their bikes to Five Mile School, and families felt safe about it. Not so anymore. But I digress; we snipe at one another when the real problem has not been addressed. Why are the roads so crappy from Balsam Street to Kenora? Let’s ask our politicians. As for the pee, you wouldn’t like it either.

  5. JHilly Now that I have stopped picking up and removing the piss jugs and tires and garbage on 102 why don’t you volunteer since you CARE??
    just stop everery 100ft. look around and clean it up. It is idiots like you that I will not clean up anymore you are clueless. WOW

  6. Just take the trucks off 102 and Arthur Street for 2 years and get the real statistics. Everyone can argue about it for 20 more years. Nobody will know unless you try it. A lot of people hated vegetables without eating them. Give it a try and quit belly aching. Just my 2 cents. Not trying to get panties bound up here

  7. LG i sure do remember the cop hitting a friend of mine you a****le the COP was doing 220 kmh so f u remember details not bs..unreal

  8. Just get them off Dawson Rd already. Can’t wait for this bylaw to actually pass. The number of incidents/close calls I see on this highway are incredible. Almost every time it snows there are transports in the ditch if you look at the whole road to the Shabaqua corners. Unfortunately a lot of these drivers give the impression that it is the first time they see snow is on this road, probably true in some cases . For some reason even in the summer it is common to see double wheeled skid marks heading off the road.

    The argument of this highway (road) being ‘there first’ is nonsensical; it clearly isn’t built to the standards of the modern Trans Canada highway. Throw in the low bidder highway maintenance contracts in the winter and it’s a recipe for disaster.

    I have been tailgated multiple times on this road, and shockingly it has always been transports. Now I just bump my cruise control down every few seconds until they get the message and back off. If they want to drive 60 because that is all the stopping room they are leaving so be it. It’s either that or you get stuck behind someone so loaded down you are driving 70 for most of the road because of the hills.

    I was almost in a head on collision at full highway speed with a transport in December 2016 while driving with my pregnant wife when we were going westbound just before Mud Lake road around the blind corner with a rock cut on the north side when a transport was in the wrong lane going around a disabled vehicle on the opposite shoulder.

    If you are turning left from East avenue onto Dawson you are taking your life in your hands if you don’t look to your right first. I didn’t realize until driving a taller 3/4 ton truck, but when you are driving Eastbound down Dawson the lights at Hilldale, East Ave, and Strand Ave all wind up being in the same visual plane so I could see how it is possible for them to be looking at the wrong light, and this realistically can’t be fixed. Couple this with how often they are exceeding the 50km/h limit in this area and it’s common for them to blow the red light. I saw a cop almost get t-boned here on a green light a few years ago.

    Maybe we could get into the ‘merge’ lane from the highway onto Dawson that many trucks hit full speed and bully their way onto Dawson. It’s a lot better than it was before the work that was done, but pretty much everyone who lives out that way is conditioned to just slow down/stop if you are in the right hand lane and let them in to avoid getting pushed into the other lane or worse.

    I could go on….

  9. Most of the cross country trucks are from the lower mainland in BC. There are no training standards required in BC. Some of the Humboldt parents are lobbying for national training s
    standards so all drivers would require training.

  10. I voted to make all truck take 102. Hwy 102 should be upgraded to handle large trucks as it is a natural bypass for the city of Thunder Bay as it routes most traffic around and away rather then through the city. Secondly it will reduce fuel emissions being a shorter route. Doing so would take heavy trucks off of the Thunder Bay expressway.

  11. Years back KB didn’t want a by-pass it was clearly documented as it would become a ghost town…now it will be too much. Bottom line is you want upgrades, funding for implementations you need traffic flow numbers not people numbers.

  12. When you say both are you meaning 50 50 or the option…no option here for east west drivers they will all take Dawson / 102 so that is a Dawson answer in reality…not an accurate way to ask this question.

  13. Ask yourself why they would take Dawson. You have your answer, they are professionals so let them decide. We can argue forever about not wanting to share the road with them but bottom line is we need them and they have to go somewhere. Hate to say it but there will be more deaths if they go the longer route with much more traffic .

  14. We won’t use the EXPRESSWAY…have at her. Wasn’t a very popular fan to begin with. Should be better when speeds are reduced…there is alternate ways across.

  15. those a***oles who Choose to live by a highway quit your bellyaching. If it bothers you too much. MOVE!!!

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