Police SWARM Secord and Pearl, Known Drug House


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The area around the intersection of Secord and Pearl has at least one notorious drug “trap house” which is believed to be trafficking at least crack cocaine.

Residents in the area are fed up with the traffic that flows day and night through the residence and are hopeful police will “disrupt” the operation.


Today, numerous residents in the area reported to TRCCTB.COM that police were at the address, attempting entry into the residence which is believed to have been overtaken by southern Ontario gangs.

At least 4 marked police cruisers and numerous officers were spotted at the home and along the street, conducting an investigation.

The exact nature of the police presence is unconfirmed at this point. The home is the same residence where a suspect who robbed a senior citizen outside a nearby credit union was seen entering after the incident.


”Project Disruption” is an ongoing effort between multiple police agencies that are working to slow down and hopefully stop the enormous influx of drugs flowing into Thunder Bay by often violent southern Ontario gangs. Residents in the area are hopeful that this residence will be shut down even though most are aware it won’t be long before gang members reopen for business as usual.

Image Credits: 3 Anonymous Residents and the Superior Watchdogs


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  1. It will be nice for the residents that live in that are to have another trap house shut down but on the other hand they close that one and a new one springs up again near by it is a never ending process arrest a bunch and another bunch just move in hard thing to deal with when there are so many of them and they have found a good place to sell their junk they seem to be just coming and coming and not caring about the consequences of being caught. Laws are to lenient with them keep them down east or out west. An ongoing battle for the TBPS doing your best guys is all I can say hard to do your job when you are outnumbered you do your work and the system sets them free must get pretty frustrating at times.


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